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Impacts Of Tuberculosis And Aids On Society

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Impacts of Tuberculosis and AIDS on Society
Some say history repeats itself, and this is evident with the AIDS and Tuberculosis epidemics. AIDS and TB are so closely associated that their relationship is often described as a co-epidemic (The Link). While they seem to be unrelated they are in fact, the same in many aspects; they exhibit similar symptoms, share similar ways of infecting the body, and have been known to be some of the most deadly infectious diseases in history. There is a strong correlation between epidemics and education: through different media platforms, AIDS and TB created a precedent to inform, rather then scare, the public about the effects of terminal viruses.
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Today, TB infects fewer people in the US each year. However, despite the decrease in reported TB cases, the disease remains a serious threat, especially for people living with human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) or acquired immune deficiency(AIDS) (Tuberculosis). These two infectious diseases work together to break down you immune system and make you very sick or in many cases, kill you. HIV/AIDS, also known as the "gay plague" or "gay compromise syndrome", dates back to about 1960. This time was known as the "silent" decade as it is likely that HIV was prevalent but was unknown or not reported. The spread started in the 1970's when the medical community became aware. It is thought to originate in Africa, where humans caught it from chimpanzees (History of AIDS). For many years the disease was limited to remote parts of Africa but with improved connections, the virus began to spread worldwide. AIDS is much more common in poor, rural, sketchy city areas. In developing countries many people infected with HIV contract TB as the first sign of AIDS. Poverty and poor access to services challenges the successful treatment of those affected by HIV/AIDS. Discoveries, vaccines, and treatments have been made to aid in the regression of HIV/AIDS. In 1986, the first anti-HIV drug was developed. Years later, in 1991, a drug was created to slow the progression of AIDS (History of AIDS). It is recognizable that scientists have been fighting to...

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