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During the past few decades, traveling has greatly increased. Purposes of travel vary, some travel for business, some for leisure, some for the experience of different cultures, some for specific interests, or just for the pursuit of entertainment. More than half of the globe's population now lives in urban areas, these places are now the world's stage for many civilizations. They are centers of arts, entertainment and food, gateways to traditional customs and modern society, focal points for commerce, industry and finance, culture and people, icons and architecture, uniqueness and unity, and of course they give tourists a chance to experience diversity and creativity. However, to know what the city's strategies to attract the attention of tourist, there are cretin elements of urban tourism need to identify that lead to attract visitors to a city.
Tourism is often associated with traveling to places away from home. Tourism has a big impact on the economic growth of some countries, which define the shape of their cities by producing different sectors like historic districts, convention centers, museums, malls, hotels, restaurants, and the list can be endless. Furthermore, tourism elements have been developed by cities for a variety of reasons including: situating themselves in the world by drawing a positive image and attracting visitors and for their money.

As a result, by defining the primary and secondary elements in the tourist bubble, it could determine what effect urban tourism has on cities. Therefore, primary elements include: cultural facilities (museums and art galleries, theaters, cinemas, concert halls and convention centers), sport facilities, amusement facilities (night clubs, casinos and festivals), physical characteristics (ancient monuments and statues, interesting buildings, green areas and waterfronts). And the secondary elements are accommodation centers, shopping malls, transportation and parking. Consequently, by providing this form of elements in cities urbanism, it generates a generic pattern- a typical form for cities to fulfill tourism conditions - for them. The contemporary city is familiar as tourists increasingly look for familiarity to feel at home in a strange place.
In addition, “both tourism researchers and urban planners have used the term "tourist bubble" to describe a geographic area planned and managed for tourists within a destination.”1 From this point another question arises, Do people “tourists” seek on escaping from their everyday life and their culture? In my opinion, the tourist bubble is a place where tourists isolate themselves from "the real world". As the author Dennis R. Judd noted “tourist bubbles create islands of affluence that are sharply differentiated and segregated from the surrounding urban landscape…once in such enclaves, tourists are placed in the center of a circumscribed world” 2 In Egypt and China for example, the government often prevents the locals from entering...

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