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War affects everyone in the world. Everyone in the world knows someone who is in some branch of military. If you do not, war still affects the government and economy in an country where war is present. This paper will talk about the effects of war on the soldier that is overseas fighting. How war affects the children of that soldier fighting overseas. As well as how war affects the Parents of the soldier fighting overseas. War has a negative impact on all members of a military family including the soldier himself, his children and his parents.
Although everyone in a military family are affected by war, the soldier himself/herself is directly affected. Many soldiers who who come home with terrible injuries think that there will be no one to be there for the soldier when the soldier comes home, but this is not true because of a program called the Wounded Warrior Program(WWP) which provides the injured soldier and the soldier’s family with personal support to support them going back into war or back home (Sidran). The WWP is a great program because it not only supports the soldier himself but also the soldier’s family as they cope with the soldiers injury and learn how to keep the soldier positive as the soldier has to adapt back to everyday life, even though the soldier may have to do things different due to the soldier’s injury.
Children are affected in many ways in other countries other than the United States. There have been numerous amounts of children being kidnapped, and even being forced into becoming child soldiers in other countries (Culture). Having children fight in wars is a bad thing, it means that the country is running out of older, more mature people, to fight in the war so they are making children fight. Often children are inexperienced and very unsuccesful in fighting in wars because they have no training and lack the mindset that the older, more experienced men and women have while fighting. Many of the underage children forced into fighting end up being not only put in the war but put right in the front not shielded by anything or anyone (Culture). This passage is saying that countries are putting children in a position where they are first fired on and most likely to be shot at because they are in the front of the military group. Some, girls especially, may be forced into sexual servitude (Culture). Not only are children affected in places where war is current, they are also still in danger after the war is over. “Children are often getting killed in areas where there is no more fighting because of buried roadside bombs” (Culture).
Many children in areas of war are displaced or moved away until the war is over. Many children are forced to leave their homes and put in a place where the people there do not treat them the way they should. Many times their parents do not go with them (Culture). This is very bad because many young children need their parents for guidance, if you take that away they will not know what do and they...

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