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- Could have used more sources and quotesDISABILITY IN THE WORKPLACE'The Americans With Disabilities Act is one of the most significant laws inAmerican History. The preamble to the law states that it covers 43,000,000Americans.'(Frierson, p.3) Before the Americans With Disabilities Act(A.D.A.)was passed, employers were able to deny employment to a disabled worker, simply because he or she was disabled. With no other reason other than the personsphysical disability were they turned away or released from a job. The Americans With Disabilities Act prevented this type of discrimination by establishing rules and regulations designed to protect persons with physical disabilities. With a workforcemade up of 43,000,000 people, it is impossible to ignore the impact ofthese people. The Americans With Disabilities Act not only opened the door formillions of Americans to get back into the workplace, it is paving the roadfor new facilities in the workplace, new training programs and creatingjobs designed for a disabled society.I believe the Americans With Disabilities Act is the most important precedentset in the struggle against all discrimination for persons with disability. Inthis paper I will give a brief description of the statutes set by the AmericansWith Disabilities Act, pertaining to disabilities in the workplace. I willthen discuss what employers are required to do according to the A.D.A. and someof the regulations they must abide by. The next section of this paper willdiscuss the actual training of employees with disabilities with a highlight ontraining programs for workers with mobility and motion disabilities. Thefollowing section of this paper will discuss the economic effects of avocational rehabilitation program. Finally this paper will conclude with abrief discussion of what the measures set by the Americans With DisabilitiesAct means to the actual workers and people it benefits.The Americans With Disabilities ActThe Americans With Disabilities Act has a section devoted to nothing butpractices by employers regarding the treatment of applicants and on staffworkers based on their physical condition or any health problems they may have.Some of the disabilities included are vision, hearing, motion, or mentalimpairments. 'Title I of the Americans With Disabilities Act prohibitsemployers from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilitiesin job application procedures, hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, jobtraining and other terms and conditions of employment'(The Americans WithDisabilities Act). According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, the onlyway an employer can refuse to hire an employee based upon a disability isif that persons disability imposes an undue hardship on the operationof the employer's business. Then the question arises, what is considered anundue hardship? The Americans With Disabilities Act states that an unduehardship is any action that is considered to be in excessive cost to theemployer, or if...

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