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Impeachment Or Witch Hunt Essay

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Imagine Sex, Lies, Politics, Grand Juries, and Conspiracies. No this is not a script of the soap opera "Day of out Lives". It is a typical day in the 7th year of President William Jefferson Clinton term in office. The impeachment trial was a major issue in the households of many Americans and the world in 1998-1999. It griped the most powerful man in the free world against his own congress in a battle over whether he was going to keep his own job. And after a long 400 day trial between the Republican Majority and the Democratic Minority. They concluded that they didn't have enough votes to impeach president Clinton. So what now? After everything was said was President Clinton given his share in this trial Newspapers articles offer different prospective on the impeachment and Senate trial of President Bill Clinton. Each showing different views about how this scandal has affected the public faith in government and national politics in general.The trial of President Clinton has been a thorn in politics scene the trial ended. A year of investigation and trail helped in reinforcing a negative trend in politics and news. (David S Broder and Dan Baiz of the Washington Post national Weekly edition) wrote it "helped in widening a gap between Washington D.C and the American people." They argue that President Clinton personal likeability took a hit in respond to his conduct, but Congress suffered more then Clinton did manly from the excessive partisanship the Republican hold House showed to the people. They write Clinton may have "degraded the office and damaged his authority to govern by his conduct. But they predicted the long-term impact of the investigation on the presidency will be limited". Not compared to the Watergate trial, which looks more...

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1736 words - 7 pages 2184645 History 2B People, Ideas and Things: The Making of Modern Societies, 1500-2000 Seminar Tutor: Miles Kerr-Peterson Seminar Group: SM13 Question 5: With reference to at least two early modern European countries, explain who were most liable to be regarded as witches, and whether Church, State or People were the main witch hunters? 2184645 17th February 2017 1500 words The Early Modern Period (1450-1750) saw extensive witch-hunts throughout

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