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Imperialism Essay

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As the US put the Civil War in the past, it was time for them to grow as a nation and become more powerful. To begin, the US began to grow in the international power as they have fully grown in the country and they had to expand outward now. The big question was that can the US have a natural transition to becoming an empire. Additionally, some of the territories they picked up where great additions to increase the revenue for the economy. Additionally, this was a major stepping stone for the US government and the society because he was a major change that showed the US is growing rapidly and will become one of the world’s top powers. The power of the US was able to grow and expand in ...view middle of the document...

For example, the war gave the US full control of Puerto Rico. The annexation of this island gave the US a strategic position in the Caribbean Sea. Additionally, the island grossed high amounts of sugar which the US can use to create immense revenue for the US. This island was a beginning for the US to expand to other areas of the world to create a bigger empire for in the world. This was additionally the case with Hawaii. When the US went to annex this territory they knew of the economic potential that it had. The island had high amounts of sugar which the US wanted to turn around and make money on. This was the first time the US tried to annex a foreign area because they just had the Navy back so they improved their chances of taking over an area. Fortunately, the US gaining control of Hawaii was a great tactical move for the military to be in the middle of Asia and the West Coast. Another territory that gave the US positives was Panama. They were given control of the project that had them construct the Panama Canal. This was a major feat for the US because it helped linked the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This additionally the country showed the ability to help other governments help grow and prosper by giving advice and aid.
The government was able to grow and benefit from this because it showed that they were powerful enough to grow and help other nations grow and were able to take them over. The government was never on the world’s powerful stage until the Spanish-American War and then the US was able to power outward expansion. The government additionally had the ability to try and...

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