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August 13, 2017
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Amongst today's society there is a feeling of euphoria when it comes to being a Samaritan, however, on a imperialistic perspective, does the government have the right to intervene with other undeveloped countries for a greater good? The controversial issue has been disputed by four authors with different ideologies of imperialism on the grounds of social, political, and economic ties.
In Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The White Man’s Burden” Kipling argues in favor of imperialism. The author deciphers that in the 19th century, white males had an obligation of intervening with other countries to prevent diseases from being a larger threat to the world. Kipling justifies his argument by claiming that white individuals (men) had the burden of helping unfortunate people. In line 1, by claiming “Take up the white man’s burden” the assumption of that statement is superiority amongst other races, which oddly motivates leaders to imperialize nations. Although helping people is something bright, it should never be a pathway for personal gain. In line 15-16, Kipling stated, “To seek another's profit, and work another's gain.” At this point, the author justifies helping poor people a way to gain profit by creating cheap labor and gain money. This is extremely immoral and unethical. Here is when economic slavery comes into place when leaders approve cheap labor to provide people with a basic income that yet alone, barley places food on the table. Kipling believes that this idea is important in society compared to Anna Comfort who strongly disagrees.
As a contrary statement to Kipling, Anna Manning Comfort is against imperialism in society and counterattacks Kipling’s poem. In fact, simply by reading Kipling’s and Comfort’s title of their poems you can tell that they both have the word, “Burden”. What Comfort is trying to imply by the similarity is that the white males burden is not just individually, it goes for the entire US since there are still so many issues In Comfort’s 1899 poem called, “Home Burden of Uncle Sam”the author argues the United States has been interfering with other nations when there are an abundant of wrongful injustices in America. Comfort describes how because of imperialism it has brought and shaped the world then into a society that allowed slavery, suffrage, and discrimination against all races and women. To provide evidence, Comfort states in stanza 5 that, “The Negro, once our slave…we shoot and lynch him” then in stanza 8, “enslaved are you brave women.” Theses statements imply that the Comfort is strongly against imperialism in America since she claims that imperialism is only creating a...

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