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Imperialistic Presidential Office Essay

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The United States presidents have always been an icon for leadership. Initiative is something crucial in the qualities of a president. They need to be able to step in when necessary and get things accomplished. The presidency has always changed depending on who is in office. The presidency is constantly changing with the help of the preceding presidents. Three influential men in the shaping of the oval office include Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Richard M. Nixon.
Theodore Roosevelt can be argued to be the one that started off the imperialistic presidential office. He can be claimed to be the first modern president, the first to serve a full term in the 20th century (Miller Center). Until Roosevelt became president, Congress had always been the most powerful part of office (Miller Center). Roosevelt changed this. He also worked to improve the strategic security of the US, effectively increasing this power (Farshtey).
The Hepburn Act was designed to give big companies a lower charge for shipping on railroads (Miller Center). Congress did not agree with this, and therefore did not give Roosevelt the right to proceed with this act. Instead of accepting this decision, Roosevelt went to the American people and asked their opinion (Miller Center). This was the first time a president had gone directly to the people in order to reach the decision they wanted (Miller Center). This forced the Senate to approve the act, therefore giving Roosevelt what he wanted.
When the 1902 coal strike in Pennsylvania created an altercation with the amount of coal being shipped, Roosevelt took action (Miller Center). He organized the two parties of the strike to meet in the White house in order to talk and resolve the problems (Miller Center). This became known as Roosevelt's Square Deal. He solved the problem between the coal miners and the business officials and the Square Deal became his domestic program (Miller Center). He used this to settle several arguments between different corporations and businesses. This also formed the basis for Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom, and Harry S. Truman's Fair Deal (Miller Center).
Not only did Theodore Roosevelt change within the US borders, he also oversaw several expansionist projects. He was responsible for the construction of the Panama Canal, which cut shipping routes in half by creating an easier passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific (Imperialism). This opened up trade, increasing the United States' wealth. Industrial and agricultural output increased until it became a necessity for trade between other countries (Imperialism). Roosevelt helped open up a new market for the US, which was not as apparent in the presidencies preceding Roosevelt.
As stated before, Congress was the most powerful part in the office (Miller Center). Roosevelt was the first president of many that changed that. He stepped up to be a true leader. The presidency rightfully became the highest position...

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