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Human capital is a corporation’s most valuable asset, and effective management of its resources is a primary concern of any business. Employers spend a considerable amount of time trying to decrease wasted time by their chief resource while effectively increasing productivity. Recently, management challenged us to suggest ways to use modern technology to covertly evaluate and quantifiably measure worker productivity. Because of the recent revelations of governmental overreach in spying on Americans disclosed by NSA contractor, Edward Snowden, the dichotomy between spying and privacy is front and center in the public’s consciousness. Surveillance programs do not solely exist in national ...view middle of the document...

9-11). Little did Theremin know that his invention would lead to a society where their employer in the name of increased productivity is compromising an individual’s privacy.
Currently, no federal law exist that address the question of RFID chip implantation being used as tracking devices, individual states have tried to address the privacy concerns raised by issue. There is also no law that prohibits an employer using GPS technology to track and monitor employees. Although several states have tried to initiate laws prohibiting the use of RFID tags, California is the only state to successfully pass a law the prohibits the reading of data contained on RFID without the person’s knowledge and prior consent (“Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Privacy Laws", 2013). At this time, the state of North Carolina has no plans to enact similar legislation. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 prohibits the unauthorized interception of employee’s electronic communications. ,”Electronic communication” is defined as “any transfer of … data, or intelligence of any nature transmitted by wire, radio, [or] electromagnetic” transmission (Library of Congress, 1986). However, an exception for business is in the law that allows an employer to monitor employee in order to make sure employees are actually working and being productive (Library of Congress, 1986).
The RFID technology is widely used internally (implanted) and externally (ear tags) on household pets and ranch and farm animals, and the average cost of implanting the RFID chip into pets is $50 ("FDA approves computer chip for humans - Health - Health care | NBC News", 2004). It was not until 2004 that the Food and Drug Administration approved the use of implanted RFID technology in humans to store medical information ("FDA approves computer chip for humans - Health - Health care | NBC News", 2004). The decision was heralded as “medical milestone” by the rulings advocates, or viewed as an invasion of privacy by its critics (("FDA approves computer chip for humans - Health - Health care | NBC News", 2004).
The initial purpose of allowing the VeriChip RFID implant was to store an individual’s unique medical data, accessed and updated during each visit for a medical procedure. Another benefit of the technology was that during times of medical crisis, an individual’s complex medical history accessed instantaneously via the implanted RFID chip, ultimately saving precious time and lives. Initially the technologies selling point was that it allowed for “rapid identification in the emergency response (ER) room, instant medical record access, and improved emergency response,” benefiting patients and reducing costs (Michael, Michael, & Ip, 2008). As is the case with most technological advances, they serve an unintended dual purpose.
The surgery itself is relatively non-invasive. A certifiable doctor inserts the microchip under the skin …and the entire procedure takes no more than 30 minutes...

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