Implement And Monitor Marketing Activities: Virgin Vs. Qantas.

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Virgin vs. QantasIn making a comparison of the offerings between the two airlines, Virgin and Qantas, there are a variety of methods one can use to show the differences between the services offered and their various prices, which will be looked at. Primarily, the marketing mix aspects of price and promotion will be concentrated on for this assignment when looking at various attributes, product description, pricing structure and product variations.When comparing these two companies, one must look at brand image. To look at brand image in the aspect of these two very different airlines makes it easier to determine why they are so different and why their products and services differ so greatly. Both companies target different markets, Virgin targeting a market who are ready to save money in exchange for the lack of comfort and aesthetics, whilst Qantas target a market who prefer an aspect of prestige. The image is reflected on the markets the two airlines target, in this case, budget versus quality.Both Virgin and Qantas have tangible and intangible aspects of the products and services they provide their customers. The tangible aspects are visible from the airport terminals presented by the respective companies. Virgin's terminals look much more makeshift than that of the more prestigious Qantas. The feel of the Qantas terminal gives it's occupants more of a feel for the comfort they offer, which is just another reflection of the brand image of the two airlines.The Qantas prices may be a bit dearer, but they do offer food and drinks at no extra cost, whereas Virgin sell foodstuffs during their flight, though the culinary aptitude of both companies leaves much to be desired, seemingly more so for Qantas, from my personal experiences. As for the seating and facilities, Qantas have a much more luxurious outlook, on both décor and their toilets, as well as accessibility and legroom. For a short trip like that of Adelaide to Melbourne, it wouldn't make much of a difference. There would be no in-flight movie so entertainment is virtually non-existent in any case.The main intangible aspect for the airlines is the flight itself, and whether or not it runs smoothly. The visual scrappiness of Virgin's planes and terminals leaves much to be desired, and for many people may reflect the company's safety or apparent lack thereof. However, I find the confidence and playfulness of the flight crew and attendants reassuring, also making for a fun trip. Qantas take themselves much more seriously though, advertising the fact that they are notoriously, the world's safest airline.Baggage control is a big issue for many air travelers, and is an intangible service provided by both airlines. From the outside, one would imagine that Qantas is much more organised due to the aesthetics of their conveyers. This, from my experiences, is not the case. Having traveled frequently on both airlines, I have found that Virgin's baggage handling service are much more efficient,...

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