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Implementation And Use Of Mobile Digital Devices For Its Business Operation

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implementation and use of Mobile Digital Devices for its business
This article is a continuation of the series covering how Office Communications Server (OCS) 2007 provides unified communication, Voice over IP (VoIP), and conferencing features. Here I'll discuss how Office Communications Server provides the Remote Call Control (RCC) feature with legacy PBXs and how various call-related scenarios can be supported using RCC. I also touch briefly on the dual forking configuration and how RCC can be used in that configuration to provide a flexible option for the user to make and receive calls from either Office Communicator or the PBX phone.
The so-called mobile electronic commerce is refers to the mobile phone, PDA, notebook computers, mobile communication equipment which is combined with wireless technology an e-commerce system.
According to the British ovum forecast that by 2002, the world will have 48 million equipped with small browser of mobile phone users, by 2005, the user will increase to $204 million, or about 1/5 of the mobile phone users will use the mobile phone to access the Internet. At present, the GSM data volume accounts for only 2% of mobile business revenue ac-cording to a survey, 38% of GSM users want to use data services. Pre-dicts 2003, western European data users will rise to 51 million, data business users increased from 4% to 4%, data revenue is expected to reach $7.4 billion, accounting for 6% of the cellular business income; Similarly, the United States will reach 2.8 million users, rising 21%, rev-enue of $2.6 billion, accounting for 5% of the cellular business income. By 2005 the use of voice service will exceed voice services.
User market is growing rapidly in recent years, China mobile, currently has more than 80 million, predicts 2005, the total number of mobile us-ers will increase to 300 million, so the mobile data services also has a huge market potential, for operators, the wireless network can provide attractive data service is the necessary condition to attract high value-added user.
1. The significance of
For the Internet e-commerce users provides a new safe and convenient payment way;
New way to provide online trading information interaction
Due to the high penetration rate of mobile phone, reduce the use of elec-tronic payment threshold;
To improve the pertinence and effectiveness of marketing;
Pay for Internet electronic commerce provides a new way, the user can through the computer or mobile phone to browse the website to pur-chase goods, through the mobile phone to complete the payment, safety certification, logistics, service and other support work.
Second, mobile e-commerce applications
(1) Banking
Mobile e-commerce users can safely anywhere on the Internet for per-sonal financial management, further improve the Internet banking system. Users can use the mobile terminal to check its account, pay bills, transfer and receive payment notice, etc.
(2) Trading
Mobile e-commerce...

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