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In order to explain the adaptive leadership in the case of Mihailovic I will briefly review the essence of adaptation and adaptive leadership.

The simplest definition of adaptation sees it as the process by which an organism that adjusts to the environment, both in physical and mental conditions. It is a dynamic process of mutual influence in the ultimate goal of maintaining life in changing circumstances. However, adaptation does not refer only to organisms, but also to the organization to which we can apply the rules of living systems because they are not just material goods but rather the people.

Adaptation can be both passive and active.

Adaptive leadership is primarily an active process of adaptation, during which the leader does not take just a passive effort to adapt to circumstances in which he found himself. The leader should be able to change those circumstances in order to carry out tasks.

Some of the basic characteristics of adaptive leaders have are: to think constantly and take strategic steps in his community for his good positioning; vision and know how to deploy forces and resources that would be most appropriate for the execution of tasks; to accept the opinion of other members of the organization; to admit his mistakes and leave the non-productive course of action; to be creative and always able to find different ways to arrive at the desired goal; to know he can influence the creation and transformation of the structure of the organization; to be ready to experiment and risks; to be always ready to improve themselves, to encourage innovations that come from his organization.

"Draza Mihailovic was a legendary figure even during his life, his death by creating a halo around his name holy warrior. With time the aureole will be increasingly brighter and Draza’s name more glorious’’

(St. Bishop Nikolai in his speech in the Resurrection of Christ church in Chicago, July 18, 1954)

Dragoljub Mihajlovic - Representative of adaptive leadership

There are many reasons why I chose the example Mihailovic. Mihailovic is a symbol of faithfulness: to God, homeland and nation, the King and the Allies. Mihajlovic is also a symbol of military disobedience, patriotism, monarchism, alliances and democracy. Despite the difficult times, Mihailovic had not abandon God, his people, King, allies and democratic principles.

Following the rejection of Yugoslavia to join the Axis Powers, Germany carried out the invasion (code-named Directive 25) the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The state was divided, the Army was not prepared to clash with the Germans, the mobilization did not arrive on time and all the plans, that existed for the defense of the country, was disturbed by the rebellion of the Croatian army and generals. The attack was completed on 17 April 1941. Yugoslavia was occupied and division. The Royal Family and some government officials went into exile in Britain.

Soon after, on the “battle theatre”...

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