Implementation Of Digital Marketing And E Commerce Strategy

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Proposed Research Topic: Implementation of digital marketing and E- commerce strategy across global business operations in building materials sector. To recommend and analyse the best approaches for the implementation and to create implementation plan (road map) in the use of E -commerce and digital marketing for the organisation.
The term ‘internet’ has achieved successful impact towards marketing and business since the first website ( went live in 1991. Over billions of people now a day’s use internet regularly for their web searches, entertainment, information and more. This changed the behaviour of consumers and the way companies market to both consumers as well as businesses has been changed. To achieve or succeed organisations definitely will need strategists, marketers and agencies with the knowledge of digital media such as web, e-mail, and mobile.
Digital marketing is has very similar meaning to ‘electronic marketing’ it is described as the management and execution of marketing using digital channels such as email, social media, interactive TV, IPTV and wireless media in conjunction with digital data about the customer behaviour and characteristics. E-commerce is the management which includes online sales transactions and non-financial transactions. The aim of the project is to understand the implementation of digital marketing and e-commerce within the construction sector. And to identify best approach and implementation road map for the construction sector organisation.

Organisational context

Kingspan is a global leader in high performance insulation, building fabric and solar integrated building envelopes. It was founded in 1965 by Eugene Murtagh as an engineering business called as kingscourt construction initially kingspan manufactured steel frame buildings and structural sections, later in 1970s,they began to manufacture Insulated panels and Environmental products. At present following the global crisis the organisation has developed in the area of insulation. The group gets majority of profits from Europe. Their presence found globally across Ireland, United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, North America and Australia.

Strategy of Kingspan

The company’s main strategy is to find leading positions in the areas where energy conservation and creative aesthetics are the priority.
Strategic goals of an organisation
• Leader in the field of high performance insulation globally, greater emphasis of proprietary and differentiating technologies.
• To be seen as the world leading provider of low energy building solutions.
• To achieve greater geographic balance
The board of 11 directors are responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and...

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