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The Report of Organization Behaviour-How to motivate Packaging Engineers ofBeer manufacturing company inNigeria and NetherlandsBy Group 13SpartansIndexPART A1. Brief introduction of the company 32. The Role 33. Motivation Analysis 44. Solutions for Motivation 6(a)Respect and Communication 6(b) Training 6(c) Goal Setting, Evaluation and Reward 7(d) Personal Life 8PART BConsidering a similar Brewery in the Netherlands 10Conclusion 13Appendix I: 14Appendix II 15Appendix III 16Appendix IV 17References 19Brief introduction of the companyNigerian Breweries plc, NB is a multinational company in Nigeria with a Dutch beverage giant Heineken owning more than 50% stake in the company.As the name implies, NB is involved in the production and packaging of beer (core product), and some other malt drinks.Nigerian Breweries is the leading beer company in Nigeria. According to 2003 statistics it has a market share of about 56% of the beer market in Nigeria.Brands produced by the company includes; Star, Gulder, Heineken which are lager beers, Maltina, Amstel Malta which are malt drinks, Legend a stout drink and Fayrouz which is a premium soft drink.Its headquarters is located in Lagos state, Nigeria. It has 5 different plants placed all over the country. Their locations are Lagos, Aba, Ibadan, Kaduna and Ama.The role we are considering is that of a Packaging Engineer who works in the brewery and below is an organisational chart (Appendix I) of a typical Nigerian Breweries plant.The RoleThe packaging engineer works in the packaging department which is responsible for making sure the beer or malt produced by the brewing department is broken down into saleable quantity. In doing so, he must ensure that he does it without delay, in the right quantity and quality. He is in-charge of two bottling lines.Apart from bulk breaking of product into smaller units, mostly into bottles of 60cl for lager and 33cl for malt drinks (Kaduna brewery produces only this two), he is also responsible for making the process as efficient and effective as practically possible.It is a continuous operation and therefore he runs shift with his other colleagues. This ensures that at all time, there is management presence in the bottling environment. He ensures that the necessary packaging materials are available for production and organizes for replenishment from the general stores if need be.He liaises with the brewery and technological (quality control) departments for beer receipt, to ensure smooth and continuous bottling process. He also interacts with logistic department for supply of empty bottles for bottling and handing over of finished product. He must ensure the bottling lines does not run out of bottles to meet production demand and that staff is well positioned at their machines at all time to ensure smooth operations.There are various teams that are been set-up periodically to further either tackle a problem or to improve on present situation in the bottling plant. He either heads...

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