Implementation Plan And Facilitator Guide Essay

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Implementation Plan and Facilitator Guide
Using the template below to guide your response, complete the section of the document that corresponds to your role on the team. The outline below serves as a suggestion of the components to include in you Implementation Plan and Facilitation Guide. You may adapt or modify the elements included in each of the five sections based on the design needs of your instructional module. The audience for this guide is the instructor, teacher, or facilitator that will deliver the instruction to students, and should be written with this in mind. The suggested length for each section of this guide is the equivalent of 1 to 2 pages. I
instructor or facilitator delivering your instructional module to learners.
To begin, download the Implementation Plan and Facilitation Guide and read all of the directions thoroughly. Should be Completed
By Tuesday, the project leader, Team Member I, should cut and paste or otherwise upload the Implementation Plan and Facilitator Guide into the team’s wiki site. This document will serve as the template to guide the responses of all of the team members. Completed
By Wednesday, use the Group Project Discussion Board to collaborate with your group and determine how you will respond to your portion of the Plan and Facilitation Guide. In Process
By Friday, December 6, 2013 complete your portion of the Implementation Plan and Facilitator Guide and post your section to the team’s wiki site. Review the responses posted by your team members to ensure that your responses correctly build upon one another’s. Should be in Process
By Sunday, the project leader, Team Member I, should ensure that all sections are posted and read as one coherent piece by facilitating any necessary revisions.
Lorinda - please contact, if needed.

Table of Contents
Team Member A (Shannon)

Section I: Unit Overview
Background and Goals of Instructional Module
Introduction to the Unit
Learning Objectives
Navigation Guide
Section II: Pre-workshop Planning
Preparing participants
Student Groupings
Giving Participants Advance Information
Section III: Instructional Environment, Equipment, and Materials
Considerations for the Delivery Environment
Equipment and Materials
Logistical Considerations
Section VI: Instructional Delivery and Sequencing
Overview of Lesson
Sequence of Activities
Step-by-Step Process
Section V: Assessment of Learning
Pre-Assessment Strategies (before learning)
Formative Assessment Strategies (during learning)
Summative Assessment Strategies (after learning)

Section I: Unit Overview
Team Member A (Shannon)

Background and Goals of Instructional Module
GoodReads is website that provides for social networking centered around reading and for the personal tracking of books. The goal of this instructional module is to increase the learners' motivation to read and provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to create an academic community with a focus on reading books. This will enable them to...

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