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Implementation Plan For My Campaign Essay

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Implementation Plan
Social media is going to be a key component for my campaign. I would like to reach and interact with an age group ranging from about 12 to 18 years old. This age group is heavily invested in online communication and social media. This age group would also benefit significantly from the development of social relationships end its effect on long term health. Social media allows people to interact through online mobile devices. (Eytan, et al., 2011) This interaction or socialization can be used to benefit the health and mortality outlook for many people. The most common platforms for social media are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, and Yammer. (Social media is the message for occ health, 2011) While social media dominates internet usage and communication by most users, there are many other communication technologies that can be used by the public health professional in a health campaign. The internet provides limitless access and communication to the public, businesses, and organizations. Studies also show that consumers want more electronic access to health care. (Parker & Thorson, 2009) Other technologies which would be useful tools in public health campaigns would be YouTube, and Wiki sites. (Laureate, 2009) While many people think of YouTube as a site to view funny videos, YouTube has become a premier go to site for information. . You Tube would make an excellent tool to educate or to advocate for health campaigns and interventions.
To implement my campaign I need the input and participation of the community for which it is intended. CBPR could be a very powerful tool in implementing my campaign. I could collaborate with community/school leaders, students in the group, and parents for help. Allowing the community to provide input and design aspects of the campaign fosters cooperation and a sense of ownership. (Glans, Rimer & Viswanath, 2008) Creating a peer advisory group would help with the messaging, imagery, and content. CBPR would help create content that would make my message more pertinent and relevant to my target group. Involving the teachers or school leaders would also help me formulate a system of participation rewards that could be used to motivate the target group’s active involvement. I think awareness could also be promoted through social media, but also through a peer or advisory group.

Health Message
The goal of my campaign would be to teach the target population of the threat or risk the decline in social relationships represents and the effect on mortality. The campaign would provide the target group with increased awareness which would be used to develop social capital, building that social capital with familiar technology and behaviors. If successful, this change in perception and adopted behavior would create social change countering the decline in real relationships. The target group I am seeking to educate is made up of adolescents who do not have the same understanding of social...

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