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Implementing A Successful Management Plan Essay

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Monitoring and Measurement
The goal of measurement and evaluation is to assess whether the management system you have implemented is effective. Recording and documenting your findings are imperative as to reduce occupational disease and injury.
It is impelling that the OHSMS objectives be established, performance measures developed, collection of applicable information collected and results assessed.
In order to guarantee performance, effectiveness and implemented controls, the OHSMS system needs to be reviewed regularly.

Question Three
Employer commitment to safety management practices
The employer is able to exhibit their active commitment to health and safety in the work place, A proactive employer who demonstrates active roles in health and safety, who involves their staff as opposed to taking a lax approach to health and safety is more inclined to have a safer work environment.
The health and safety policy is usually a short written document that is signed and dated by senior management. The document would need to comply with codes of practice, legislation, regulation and safe operating procedures.
By signing the health and safety policy, senior management are taking responsibility and showing commitment to health and safety in the work place. This policy needs to be reviewed every two years. Confirmation that the review took place would need to be supported by documents such as meeting minutes. To continuously improve this policy, changes can be made if there are any new ideas on how to better health and safety with the organisation.
Planning, Review and Evaluation
In order for an OHSMS to be effective it would need continuous improvement. This is ideally done by senior management together with employees. Planning, reviewing and evaluating the OHSMS together make it both the responsibility of management and staff.
A yearly review would need to cover the following:
The goal of the review, who was involved, how often the review takes place, the process of the review, recent performance information and any new ideas that can be implemented to improve the health and safety of the company.
A SMART approach to health and safety proves beneficial. The system would need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realist or Relevant and Time bound.
Hazard identification, Assessment and Management
In order for hazard identification, assessment and management to be effective, the employer who has the ability to influence would need to take a systematic approach. Employees need to have access to written information, manual or MSDS.
Proof of up skilling staff with training or increase in experience would need to be verified in an effort to achieve the highest safety standards.

Information, Training and Supervision
It is up to the employer to inform the employees of their responsibilities and that of the employer.
Minimizing risk of injury is the ultimate goal of the OHSMS. The employees need to be informed and trained as to minimize...

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