Implementing Bullying Awareness Programs: A Bright Change For The Future

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"A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself." Dan Olweus (Olweus1). Bullying effects millions of kids on a daily basis and will most likely never cease to stop. According to international studies, bullying is common and affects anywhere from nine to fifty-four percent of children (Parker-Pope). Statistics also show that seventeen percent of students in grades sixth through tenth reported having been bullied "sometimes" or more with eight percent being bullied once a week, and ninteen percent said they had been a bully to others "sometimes" or more (Olweus2). Bullying has the capability of lasting effects on a ones physcological state, as well as physical. No human being should be in constant fear of when a bully may strike next, or whether one will survive the next day. For this reason, bullying awareness programs should be implemented in schools across the nation to aid and battle bullying to protect kids as well as teach the importance of anti-bullying.
The three important components to bullying are as followed; bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions, bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time, and bullying involves an imbalance of power and strength (Olweus1). At one point in time, bullying had meant a push on the playground, or a mean slur, however bullying has progressed from then. Bullying can be described as the systematic abuse of power (Smith3). Kids take it upon themselves to hurt, and bring down others, which is not justification whatsoever. It is hurtful, and spiteful. Regardless of your personal feelings about someone, bullying is never okay- it creates an intimidating school environment that affects everyone (Matthews). Further, schools face a difficult situation when handling such bullys. In some cases, a school may develop a repuatation as an environment of fear and disrespect (Olweus2). Students also perceive that teachers and staff have little control, consequently believing that they do not care about them. It also affects students' learning abilities as well as feeling secure in school. School bullying is more frequent due to the lack of awareness right adults have (Smith2). The subject of bullying is brought to the attention of all because of it's harmful consequences. Many have taken their own lives because of constitant harassment and neglegance. No human being should have to suffer like that because of somebody else, thus reitterating the importance of teaching kids young the importance of not bullying others, and to implent these programs for those who are.
Websters dictionary definition of the word harm is that of physical or psychological injury or damage. Bullying and harassment go hand in hand with the word harm. Students who are bullied are more likely to experience depression, low self-esteem, health problems, poor...

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