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Implementing Classroom Management S Kills Essay

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Now that you’re out of college with your teaching degree and ready to start your new job as a teacher, you ask yourself, “so why is classroom management something I need to know on my first day”? It is simple; classroom management is one of the vital tools you should invest in as a teacher. If you lack in classroom management, chances are you will not be a good teacher. Statistics state that “40% of beginning teachers leave the profession within the first five years” (Garrett, pg. 46); this is because the lack of respect teachers gets from students. This statistic also has to do with the fact that students aren’t properly shown was effective classroom management is which in-turn pushes them ...view middle of the document...

This will be very helpful to students who have trouble following along with what they’re doing for the day. The today list will also help student have a goal of what they’re to complete. Lastly, when creating this list at the beginning of the year, inform students that it is their responsibility to know what is on that list.

Teachers who have effective classroom management will be represented on how well students act. When teachers don’t have effective classroom management students tend to turn their backs on the teacher. Researchers Stage and Quiroz showed that there has to be an “importance of there being a balance between a teacher actions that provide clear consequences for unacceptable behavior and teacher actions that recognize and reward acceptable behavior” (Marzano). On the first day of class it is important that you clearly state the expectations and consequences for behavior. By clearly stating what you expect from students, they have a better understanding of how they should act. Learning goals are also another objective you should establish on the first day. This gives students a target each day to reach their goals.

At the beginning of the first class on the first day it is important that you follow these six tips on classroom management. Dave Foley states: “ take charge of your class (don’t let students feel they have the right to talk while you’re talking), focus on the disruptive students ( develop nonverbal signals), let students choose their seats ( this helps students feel as they have something for themselves), give incentives to do their best on assignments ( rewarding students after they’ve done their best on an assignment gives them motivation to keep it up), keep an eye on your students ( make sure you never have your back towards your class), and establish consequences for misbehaving ( don’t let students by for misbehaving have consequences). Incorporating these six tips will help you become a well-rounded teacher.

Another necessity to tack onto having effective classroom management is teaching students to follow directions. When introducing an assignment to students, it is important that you give step-by-step instructions. After you see that students understanding their assignment increase the intricacy. This will give students an extra push in their work performance. For students to follow directions they have to have good listening skills. Studies find that in today’s classroom the majority of classroom management issues are students not listening. If students listened and followed more, teachers would have better classroom management.

When students get out of hand it is important that you have go-to solutions handy. Students seem to get out of hand when teachers leave the classroom...

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