Implementing Leadership Change And Addressing Challenges

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Gene One is an 8 year old company that was started by founder and CEO, Don Ruiz. In the Gene One organization they have just recently succeeded in the benefits of discovering plantation and the farming industry. This company's technology comes between by destruction of disease in the tomatoes and potatoes. This technology has given consumers the comfort knowing that buying these homegrown products comes free of pesticides and untainted chemicals (Gene One, 2005). Teri Robertson, Gene Ones's chief technology officer and research scientist discovered this in the biotech division of the company.As for the board of directors they are sure that Gene One could in the near future become an industry leader and have many reasons that they could become a successful company. The Daily Gazette thinks that the company plans to increase its annual growth and sales by at least 40%. In order for this to be completed Gene One must establish more technology products that will reduce the need for pesticides.The reports within the company suggest that Gene One faces several challenges for a successful IPO. The IPO lacks the experience in the company as a matter of fact there is not a single person in the company that has the experience that an IPO must require to bring help and resolution to the table. Another reason would be because there is not a single employee that agrees with the IPO. Third and final, Gene One must try and develop a new organizational plan and structure that will help ensure the success of this new endeavor. This must include a shared plan amount all team players reflecting the desire of proper corporate culture.Implementing a leadership change within Gene One is going to take time and a great deal of communication and the ability to work as a team to make the transition as smooth as possible. With Greg Thoman as the human resource officer and has the leadership qualities to implement hiring and training plans to position Gene one for the future but needs extra staff to enable him to focus on the progress of his programs. Gene One also has the responsibility of finding a professional IPO consultant that will help the company to help establish a more successful and suitable vision and culture that will include all Gene One employees. When establishing a successful and accurate company visions it will help the company clarifies their beliefs and assumptions in stating their overall values. Gene One needs to be aware and plan for the future in order to make this leadership change work for both the company and the employees.All the employees that have been through the first stages of development and success needs to have a shared goal and vision for Gene One. They must work together and maintain an environment that will make sure they are communication effectively. Each employee must be a part of any changes that may occur and should be made well aware of these changes in a timely manner. Each employee must agree and have a developed corporate...

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