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Implementing Lean

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Lean Implementation

The purpose of lean manufacturing is to reduce wastes within an organization. There are many different methods that can be used to implement lean into an organization. The purpose of this paper is to review three major lean elements that will be used to help a radio company meet the customer demands while still making money.

First Lean Manufacturing Element

The first lean element is to initiate continuous improvement processes. Continuous Improvement refers to the idea that a large number of small improvements in processes are easier to implement than major improvements and have a large cumulative effect. The purpose of continuous improvement is to institutionalize the practice of making many small improvements every day and improve overall efficiency like compound interest. The key to continuous improvement is to have permanent method changes, continuous flow of small ideas, and immediate local implementation. Utilizing continuous flow the company can have Kaizen events to call out areas in the production processes and shipping processes that need improvement. By calling out the problem areas, this will help the company start utilizing the remaining lean elements.

Second Lean Manufacturing Element

The second lean element will be to use the six sigma process which is a rigorous, disciplined methodology using data and statistics. The purpose of six sigma is to improve quality, operational performance, practices and systems. Utilizing six sigma will help the company identify what the quality issues are with the radios, therefore meeting the customer expectations with the finished product. The machinery used for the radios is in good condition but there may be something wrong with the way the machine is set up on the production. There can also be a larger problem with the machinery that may require a new machine to be purchased. That is where using the first lean element by issuing a Kaizen event. This way the company can go over the production process and find out where the actual problem is. Once the quality problem is resolved then the company can move onto the next major concern which is the...

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