Implementing Personal Marketing In Your Life

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Many of us are unhappy in promoting our skills or in taking action in making other people aware of our talents, products and services. We all secretly have some idea that we are good but secretly hope that we will be discovered and whisked away to a life of fame and fortune. This as you can imagine rarely happens, but its easier to believe this than indulge in self-promotion, a form of "conceit and vanity" which is what our parents have warned us against.

(How can I overcome this) Like many of the competencies involved in the E factor the first thing to do is to accept that developing personal marketing as a skill would be acceptable. How important is it to give your customer/boss the benefits/services they require?

Would you find it useful to:

(1) Be able to research information to know about trends and specific culture requirements

(2) Act on this information to produce an appropriate marketing mix to reach.

Your audience- make them aware you can meet their needs and deliver them successfully with the right product, at the right place at the right time. It is important that you create a "brand", a perception of what you and your product and services stand for?

My suggestion is that you produce a marketing plan which sets out how you will use the key skills from this area to benefit your life. In America now, one of the best-selling self help books is a manual for women which uses marketing concepts for women who are actively seeking a relationship/husband. A bit farfetched you may say but it is just an example of the fact that you can apply business skills in particular marketing as well as business issues. You may well think that your quality of work should be enough and feel embarrassed that somehow you are manipulating peoples impressions of you. The reality is that of course your work a product needs to be of the highest quality that goes without saying. However that does not guarantee hat other people will perceive you or your work in that way. If you are prepared to leave things to chance that is up to you. Arguable it is your duty to be constantly maintaining what people are looking for, and if you can meet that need you do not have to be a statistician or an expert on market research to make use of available information.

Possibly the most important thing is to be curious and be aware of trends in society and business. Make a habit of at least once a month reading a magazine, watching the news or any media programme on areas unrelated to your work. The media will only be too happy to tell you of future changes and innovation.

Use market information to think strategically. Research for instance that shows you are in a declining market is unlikely to have an immediate impact now but may over a 3-5 year period affect your prospects. For instance if your are still not computer literate or using palm held devices accept the fact that if the use of the internet and related technology is going to increase over the next...

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