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Implementing Prognostics Within The Telecommunications Industry

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The results show that four categories (non-reliable testing, unintelligent prognostic algorithms, inadequate fault detection, and data archiving) were affecting mission readiness. The findings proved to be logical because the government has adopted this medium for diagnostics as a solution for legacy test system upgrades but they are examining ways to implement real time prognostics. The author’s conclusions were sound and lucid; and he developed a medium to reduce rework times, reduce yearly preventive maintenance, reduce repair times, and finally serve as a catalyst for accurate fault detection.

This author examines a specific problem with prognostic-based algorithms, which is common to other researcher’s findings. The author has published dozens of scholarly works in the field of test. The intended audience is test engineers that are looking to expand the conventional limitations of diagnostics.

Erto, P., Barone, S., & Palumbo, B. (2006). A robust calibration methodology for an on-board diagnostic car system. Quality Engineering, 18(2), 145-159. doi:10.1080/08982110600567491
The scope of this research was to scrutinize pollutants through on–board diagnostics (OBDs) in automobiles. On-board diagnostics have been embedded in emission control systems to ensure pollutants do not escape the exhaust system. When the authors explored the emission control system, the main mechanism was determined to be the catalytic converter. The converter released and transformed harmful pollutants into admissible substances. To certify this degraded reformation the catalytic converter had to maintain a salubrious air to fuel ratio.

The method used was to take an oxygen sensor and have it monitor the process and affirm the ratio in the firing chambers were held constantly between plus or minus three percent of the appropriate stoichiometric value. The researchers determined that an oxygen sensor within the core workings of the emission control system would fall out of acceptance thus causing silicon poisoning and they had no way of predicting drift or component failure. The silicon poisoning was linked to pollutants, which escaped the automobiles exhaust system without the end-user knowing.
The results indicated that three levels of diagnostics were established to aid in the announcing of pollutants escaping but the authors were not able to predict component failure based off the three levels of diagnostics. The use of OBDs is not only useful in early warnings but law from all new automobiles constructs that serve the United States auto-markets.

The authors examine a specific problem that is attributed to prognostic-based components. The authors have not published many scholarly works in the field of diagnostics their focus was geared towards automobiles. The intended audience is automobile designers and maintenance engineers that are looking to make vehicles safer on the environment.

Masrur, M. A., Wu, H. J., Mi, C. C., Chen,...

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