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There are many methods and techniques for a project manager (PM) can use to run a successful project. Some of these include: identifying the stakeholder’s roles and responsibilities, tracking measureable business outcomes, apply project controls and view monitoring the dynamics of a working project. These project management techniques are used in order to improve the project model in a baseline project plan. As a PM employs these techniques it can help keep track and account for items more efficiently. These lessons can help them account and manage a project throughout its lifecycle. On the Basecamp website one can apply these techniques and ensure stakeholders aware of each instance in order to manage a project successfully.
Accountably in a Project
First thing, accountability is vital in controlling and managing a project. This component is critical within a projects lifecycle and will be repeated until the project is completed. Accountability is how PM make sure users are doing what they are supposed to and vendors are performing the task(s) given. In an article by Pitagorsky (2009) he states, “Accountability, according to the Business Dictionary is the "Obligation of an individual, firm, or institution to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner." Accountability is critical in project management. Without it projects cannot be effectively controlled and managed, nor can performance be improved” (para. 4). In our Basecamp website, the PM keeps tabs by using meetings and software. The website provides to-do’s which allows the PM to control and assigns items to individuals in a project. Meetings allow the PM to account for items discussed in previous meetings.
Roles and responsibilities need to be addressed early in a project. These roles and responsibilities are also documented in the project plan and updated as it is refined throughout the project. As example, if a PM needed to contact someone with a budget inquiry they would be able to address this to the accounting department? Stakeholders of a project will have a significant role and responsibilities in a project, because they either own the project, call the shots, or have some type of investment. This also allows a PM to understand the limits of his available resources throughout an organization. For instance, the PM may have some well experienced members that contribute a wealth of knowledge and have additional networks within the company that can benefit the project. This can be very beneficial for limiting the work done from vendors and keeping simple items within a project in house. As stated by McMahon (2013), “They can provide you with instant answers and feedback as to how things do or should work. They are the daily operational link to the eventual user base of the project deliverables and I cannot stress enough the importance and usefulness of having them involved” (para. 6). By...

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