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Introduction1Q-Telecom Profile1Ways For Improvement2Implementing Tools For Improvements4Resistance of change6Q-Telecom' Leadership Style8Conclusion10References11Internet Resources11INTRODUCTIONThe rapidly growing Greek mobile phone market is set to expand even further as new players and licenses bring a greater competitive edge to the newly liberated telecommunications environment. The complete implementation of deregulation in the Greek mobile telecom market creates much opportunity for network infrastructures sales to new competitive mobile telecom networks, Anon1 (2003). In 1992 Info-Quest' commencement of activities in new technological sectors - such as Mobile Telephony, the Internet and Satellite Services - was characteristically opportune.Q-TELECOM PROFILEQ-Telecom, a division of Info-Quest , is the first Greek private integrated operator that plans to offer combined services of mobile/fixed telephony and Internet.In 2001, Info-Quest invested for the telecom area 25,000,000 euros for the acquisition of a special license of mobile and fixed telephony and 100,000,000 euros for intermediate investments for the development of networks and infrastructures. Focusing its commercial in the large urban centers, Q-Telecom develops a second-generation mobile telephony network. Q-Telecom provides a wide range of integrated telecommunications solution and services for businesses and home users.In the mobile segment, Q-Telecom competes with three major companies. Panafon, which is affiliated with Vodafone, Telestet, which is a subsidiary of Italy's STET and thirdly Cosmoste, which a subsidiary of OTE .Mobile telecommunications industry is advancing quickly. Main evolvements for 2002 were the buying of new spectrum from the companies in order to support new applications like GPRS, the introduction of MMS and multimedia in the market, as well as the continuing drop in the average actual generated from each telephone line. Only the three leading mobile phone companies in Greece, Cosmote, Vodafone, and Telestet are granted a 3rd generation license and as a result are preparing to invest significant resources in the development of such networks. Agiomirgianakis (2002)Q-Telecom lacks of value-added services to both home and corporate customers and consequently it finds its market shares and revenues dwindling down. Q-Telecom services strategy needs to focus on exploiting cutting edge technology with the intention of offering user friendly and competitive services and satisfying customers' needs. With innovative value added services Q-Telecom will enhance the company's financial performance and will target all segments of its customer base, both contract and prepaid.In addition, Q-Telecom distributes its services and products through a limited distribution network comprised as follows: two Q-Telecom branded stores, one in Athens and one in Thessaloniki, one exclusive master dealer, ACS courier and with some small distributors. It is important for Q-Telecom to...

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