Implementing Technology In The Mathematics Classroom

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It has been over a decade now since we’ve been hearing from federal agencies, professional organizations and teaching accreditation agencies about the need to integrate technology into school curriculum. Culp, Honey and Mandinach (2005) reported despite several educational reports and other governmental reports of the large investments in instructional technology resources, computers, high speed internet access and other forms of technology within the country’s schools are yet to be effectively integrated into instruction in most our nation’s K-12 classrooms.
The true meaning for technology integration means to integrate different forms of technologies and technology-based resources and practices into all aspects of learning and teaching such as in lesson plans, in classroom objectives and assessment of learning outcomes Culp, Honey and Mandinach (2005). Previously, an interview took place with Mr. GGGG, a mathematics teacher at Andover Middle School about the technology integration barriers at the school. In this second phase of this research, the focus would be on different types of computer resources and mathematical software technologies that could integrate in the context of teaching and learning mathematics.
In order to integrate and to enhance technology use in education, recommendations for effecting change over the long term should include improving classroom access to internet, hardware, software, and strengthening technical and administrative support to teachers (Culp, Honey and Mandinach, 2005). Teachers should to take advantage of existing technology resources in their schools and in their communities. Five scholarly recommendations are presented below Culp, Honey and Mandinach (2005)
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One of the issues that Mr. GGGG mentioned during the interview was a lack of time. One or two hours planning time are required daily for teachers to learn from one another (K. Guerrier, personal communication March 12, 2014). A part of school objectives in dealing with this issue is to create time and opportunities for teachers to share knowledge and ideas that can accelerate their use of instructional technology tools (Wachira & Keengwe, 2010).
Furthermore, teachers should be encouraged to be engaged in frequent conversations and classroom observation with other colleagues, regularly taking part on technology committees, attending workshops, conferences, seminars and taking college courses. Through such professional engagement teachers see the modeling of appropriate technology use in content-specific contexts (Wachira & Keengwe, 2010). Research has shown when teachers are constantly engaged with other colleagues they are more likely to be active users of technology in their teaching.
Mr. GGGG mentioned that he has limited access to websites he could access and did not have any say so when it comes to using technology in his lessons (K. Guerrier, personal communication March 12, 2014). It is important for...

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