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Implementing Technology Into The Classrom Essay

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Technology is a very helpful tool that should be implanted into all urban and high poverty schools. “Technology is treated as a tool to help accomplish complex tasks (rather than as a subject of study for its own sake) that engage students in extended and cooperative learning experiences that involve multiple disciplines” (Griffin and Holland, 2008). Technology is a good tool to use when accommodating different learning styles. Therefore technology can become a motivator for students to keep them interested in the lesson. Collaborative-team-learning settings aide student with retain formation by implementing technology.
Many of the urban school targets high poverty areas, therefore there is a tremendous need for implementing technology into an urban setting. Many urban schools have outdated technology computers, and inadequate or nonexistent science equipment, materials and labs. Therefore students do not have the required software or material for a student to become successful. In some of the urban schools the textbooks are outdated therefore using an eBooks would be a good way to updated all learning material. When schools are able to provide intellectual support and resources, students can develop academically and discover their intellectual abilities. “Providing laptops for urban adolescents, for example, has increased achievement and engagement when computer use moves beyond rote skill practice” (Penuel, pg.21 2006)”. During Hiller research he indicated that a reform initiative should be providing laptops and wireless access in an urban high school. By doing this he believe this will improve urban student’s standardized test scores. Student can be easily influenced through a game to retaining different concepts. Utilizing technology teaches different concepts to students.
Student should be given differentiate instructions while in the classroom. This way all student will be targeted according to their reading abilities. The student will be matched according to their tier group. For example achieve 3000 is a web-based program design to help improve students’ reading levels. “Achieve3000 of Lakewood N J delivers differentiated literacy solutions proven to increase reading comprehension and fluency vocabulary and writing proficiency for students in grades 2 through 12 Through its proprietary software engine the company uses the Internet to provide each student with an appropriate version of the same content based on his or her reading level”.( achieve3000.n.d.). Therefore this program meets student at their individual learning level.

By implementing technology into the classroom student are able to gain a higher order of thinking and project based learning. In today society there are several different gaming system that implement learning in a new way. This way the student can enjoy playing a game and learning at the same time. Online there is a website name Fun-Brain which allows students to play various game. However, while playing...

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