Implementing The Include Strategy Essay

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Implementing the INCLUDE Strategy
Effective teachers evaluate their classroom environment in comparison to their students’ academic, functional, behavior and social needs. After taking this into consideration, the teacher should make appropriate accommodations and/or modifications to ensure all student success in the classroom. Despite a teacher’s highest expectation for students, students who require a more individualized approach will always be of concern. The INCLUDE strategy is provided for these students who require an individualized approach. INCLUDE allows teachers a strategy for making adaptations or accommodations based on individual student needs, along with the teacher’s expectations in the classroom. (Friend & Bursuck, 2006)
The INCLUDE strategy is based on the theory that what takes place in a classroom can either lessen the impact of student learning or increase it, making adaptations necessary to change, or modify student learning behavior. By evaluating a student’s learning needs and styles, and the demands of the classroom environment, a teacher can accommodate most students with special needs in their classrooms. (Friend & Bursuck, 2006)
The INCLUDE strategy contains components of both universal design and differentiated
Instruction. These two strategies are approaches that address classroom diversity in general education settings, and inclusion classroom settings. The idea of UDL is that instructional lessons, strategies, and assessments are planned with supports, which are more likely to be well-suited for students with special needs. The supports minimize the need for adaptations at a later time. Properly designed classrooms require fewer adaptations for students with special needs, is an assumption that is consistent with the universal design approach.
In the case study we examine a student, Sam, who has received special education service his entire academic career. Sam is currently a teenager, who his limited support from home. He does not have many friends, attend social gatherings, and ultimately has trouble interacting with peers. Sam’s speech is not very clear and he is functioning 3 to 4 grad levels below his same age peers. In the past Sam’s evaluations have been inconsistent. Sam’s strengths are in art and music. For this case study, I will evaluate the Sam’s needs using the INCLUDE strategy. The INCLUDE strategy stands for:
Step 1: Identify environmental, curricular, and instructional demands.
Step 2: Note strengths and needs.
Step 3: Check areas of potential success.
Step 4: Look for problem areas.
Step 5: Use information to brainstorm instructional adaptations.
Step 6: Decide on the adaptations to implement.
Step 7: Evaluate student progress.
(Friend & Bursuck, 2006)
Step 1: Identify environmental, curricular, and instructional demands.
The classroom setting substantially influences what students learn and do not learn. By amending the classroom environment, teachers can solve or reduce the...

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