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Implemention Essay

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Now that a solid business contingency plan is in place, it is vital to develop a strategic implementation plan to ensure optimal recovery after business disruption due to a natural or man-made disaster. The business contingency plan should be distributed to the executive leadership, department manager, including the detailed roles and responsibilities of each department and members of the recovery team. The electronic copy should be available on the company’s website, while a manual copy is filed in a secured place both on-site and off-site. The department manager will ensure the staff receives appropriate training as related to the particular department. The training could be in the form of ...view middle of the document...

The off-site data would be activated in the event of a disaster securing business operation in the new Canadian medical equipment distributing center.
Monitoring and testing the business contingency plan regularly will ensure the plan remains relevant and workable. The recommendation would be to have a management team that would be responsible for reviewing the plans, ensuring the plans are updated regularly to conform to the business continuity plan and the business objectives. Testing the plan is the easiest way to monitor the effectiveness of the plan. The business contingency plan committee and the department leader would be responsible for monitoring and testing the plan. The testing should be carried out annually or whenever there is a significant change in the plan. The team should meet bi-monthly to review the plan, make necessary changes and ensure the changes are distributed to the appropriate parties in the organization. It is recommended that each component of the plan be tested separating and the testing should be scheduled and conducted in a way, that will not disrupt business operations. Every member of the recovery team should be informed about the schedule and be the present for the testing. Testing the plan can be achieved through various steps. The company can conduct a tabletop testing where business recovery plans are discussed using different scenarios, but the actions will not be performed. The recovery team can meet in the conference room to discuss responsibilities and how each member will react to each emergency scenario. A structured walk-through test can also be used to determine the effectiveness of the plan, in a structured walk-through testing, the recovery team will role-play a disaster scenario prepared by the test moderator and the response will measured to determine what’s effective and ineffective, and suggestions will be noted.
Another crucial test is the technical recovery testing, this is done to ensure equipment, and information systems can be restored quickly and effectively. The information technology recovery team will test the backup system, ensure information back up is effective and can be easily restored in...

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