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Implication Of Border Security And Photography

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The creation and history of all technologies have help society developed, in a political sense. Photography, a form of technology, have helped documented significant moments in the past and present. In a political sense, photography was used as a symbol, which created emotion response, or as propaganda. Furthermore, Border security, created to aim to protect and conserve countries. In a political sense raised concerns due to events of the time. The advancement and development in technologies have had a direct correlation with political development, in areas such as border security and photography. This essay argues that from the early to the late 20th century, photography has both impacted society and border security, which have raised concerns during the time frame. By looking at the exploration of these technologies, we can come to understand the impact they have in a political sense, within society.

Firstly, I will explore how photography was first used in the 20th century and later how the use of photography developed over time, affecting the way we use photography today. Photography, created by Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787–1851, was aimed to be use as historical evidence, documenting the living conditions, relationship between individuals and historical moments of the time and ‘document life in great detail and considerable precision and certainty’ In doing so, these photographs helped ‘construct a sense of national identity’ within an individual of that time. Furthermore, many photographs ‘serves as symbols’ symbolizing different significant events and historical moments. One example of this is ‘Breaker Boys’ (1911) directed by Lewis Hine, which retells the shooting of Vietnamese terrorists. This movie along with many others, are memorable events of the twentieth century and not only creates a sense of national identity, but also ‘remains powerful instruments of propaganda and have reproduced and strengthened dominant ideolog[ies]’.

To further understanding the usage of Photography, I will now explore the political aspects and usage of photography from the past and present of the 20th century. The usage of photographs was monitored due to the social and political regulations of the time. Photographs, not only documents a significant event but also serve as a symbol, representing a political moment. During the early 20th century, under the press legislation act, the Unites States government’s aim of publishing photographs in newspaper was to ‘help make a ritual of public involvement arena’. This was to help individuals see differences between political involvement and power and furthermore, find ‘their own interests within the political process’. The start of 20th century saw ‘introduction of revolutionary propaganda campaigns… initiated by governments’ The Soviet Union’s communist party, was one of the first groups who used images as propaganda. One of the early images published was ‘Strength is in Unity’. The aim of this was to...

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