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Implications Of Performance Management Essay

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Implications of Performance Management
Performance management is a continuous process that creates a working culture to encourage employees to improve their work performance and reach their full potential during their stay of employment. Performance Management also provides strategic direction, develop competency in employees and instill organization value. This paper will identify methods and affects that performance management plan has on the organization and their employees.
Performance management forms a bridge that connects between the employees and the organization. Organization considered performance management as insurance for the both company that employees will attempt to give their best performance at the work site. In return, the organization will fill their obligation to the employees by providing all the necessary tools, resources, training materials, feedback, motivation, appraisals, and rewards systems to assist the employees with being fully successful. Kazlauskaite, Buciuniene, & Turauskas (2012), indicated, “Organizations empowerment was positively related to job satisfaction, and affective commitment” (p.138).
Example: The Suicide Hotlines makes it mandatory for the employees to complete quarterly surveys and provide open feedback on how to make improve changes to reduce the stress of the employees while making the services more productive. Based on the feedback that the employees gave in the last two years, the hotline now have three new services that has separate department. The text, chat, and homeless programs to provide the employees change for the stress of working with suicide clients yearly.

By the employees providing feedback and the organizations listening and implementing effective changes the employees felt empowered that workplace morale was more pleasant to work in. Gagne (2002) reported, “If individual employees know what their priorities are, they will follow those priorities. Performance management gives managers and employees more say in setting their goals and more accountability for accomplishing them. This implicates that Performance management does not necessarily fix problem but eliminates challenges that causes the problems. Thus, allowing the organization to spend less time making corrections due to their employees.
Prominent Performance Plans
The co-systems of the plan work to make sure the goals are achievable. One of co- systems are plan documenting which defines various ways to document , target and measure the values by outlining the personal and professional goal of the employees. The documented plan gives the performance results. Other systems that implement within the plans to ensure future successes of a reward system, motivation, and performance appraisal, this is prominent because it attracts the personal interest of the employees. this co-system help the employees see that the goal are attainable...

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