Implications Of Living In A Gendered Society

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Implications of Living in a Gendered Society

Analysis from a gender perspective

Throughout history women have engaged in 'burning their bra's',
battling for prerogative and constructing what we now recognise as a
feminist perspective. Being a woman is now defined in various manners:
the career woman, the sports woman, the mother and the liberated,
candid feminist. These are all valid and valued roles within womanhood
however, this raises countless queries of where our young men are
headed in today's society. No longer are the dominant patriarchal men
a custom to society and fathers are no longer a detrimental part of
the family. Are the young chaps of the twenty first century lost,
lacking identity and direction? Do they have a sense of masculinity to
conform to? With statistics proving descending school achievement,
increased suicide and deficiencies in role models our young men's
futures can be considered a concern and a social issue.

Throughout this essay the matter concerning young men and where they
fit into society will be analysed and explored from a gender
perspective. To facilitate this critique a gender perspective needs to
be defined, Machel (2002: quite clearly states
that "This approach does not look at women and men alone, but at the
relationship between them, how societies are structured along gender
lines and the impact of these relations in the whole society." The new
form of masculinity will be evaluated in terms of gender roles in
today's society focussing specifically on boy's education, family
structure, femininity and the current influences within their lives.
Gender perspectives continue to develop and transform as society
continues to change, Connell recognises this "The structure of gender
relations are formed and transformed over time." (1995: 82) Therefore,
this perspective will be incorporated into the examination of this
social issue in order to accurately and judiciously answer this
question of whether the future for the men of today's generation is in
fact as bleak as what it may seem.

Similar to the structure of gender perspectives the concept of
masculinity within today's society continues to undergo modification,
reform and development. Accordingly, it would seem that the male
species attains his niche in the world and society often by finding a
sense of identity within his masculinity. The dilemma remains that
masculinity is so blurry that many boys subsist in a vulnerable and
disorientated status. Boys without fathers, and limited male teachers
feel the desire to seek identity and a place in society as male
however are faced with hardship when attempting to do so. Due to this
it is difficult to define masculinity, the Macquarie dictionary
defines masculinity as "having manlike...

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