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Importance Are Media To The Formation Of Youth As A Social Category.

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Media is vital in the formation of youth as a social category. It is a global phenomenon that influences social life far beyond music and entertainment industries. The development of media in relation to youth will be examined using hip-hop as a primary illustration. This essay will be informed based on Foucault's post-modern theory of the death of the author.The distinction of youth as a significant social category is without a consideration a contribution and reinforcement of popular media. In the 1950's, patterns of consumption and production molded according to the needs of youth's to enjoy greater leisure time and buying power. The term 'youth' arose from the coming of age experience to the changing economic and political processes. The 'youth' became a new category of people. High rates of employment were conquered by this group (youth), which gave them unprecedented disposable income. (White, R and Wyn, J (1997) 'Concept of youth' in Rethinking Youth, Sydney, Allen and Unwin.). A form of power and visibility were gained and eventually were seen to symbolize the change of moral and cultural values. The changing symbolic representation of youth has meaning and value in an increasing global way. The implication of this is that youth has a symbolic meaning as an item of consumption. The youth's created new modes of consumption, of leisure, and distinctive styles of clothing and music, which were identified with youth culture.Media today is aimed at 'youth' to harness the 'disposable income' spilling from the pockets of this social category. Beyond this consumer-oriented mass media, which eats up a huge percentage of young people's time and attention, there are some outlets designed for the expression and critique of culture through youth eyes. But youth's have come to realize that they have the power to change society using media/music. They learn to view commercial media with a critical eye and develop the skills to produce their own media using music. They become active producers, versus passive consumers, of the various forms of media that they are exposed to on a daily basis. Hip hop has enabled youth's to create, produce and distribute their own 'media'.Media is like a window that gives young people a view of the larger scheme of the 'life' while giving the rest a view of the unmediated realities of young people's lives. (Twilight Greenaway is the editor of WireTap magazine (, an online news source for socially conscious youth. )With the advent of media, today's youth have tools for becoming 'politically' engaged using hip-hop as a medium. Hip Hop in this context tries not to take any one political stance, but seek to include a combination of perspectives, some more socially conscious than others, to create a content that is often diverse and engaging. Hip-hop took up media as an expression of their resistance to the dominant culture. Sub cultural styles of...

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