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What is border security? The United States Customs and Border Protection define border security as a “top priority is to keep terrorists and their weapons from entering the U.S. while welcoming all legitimate travelers and commerce. CBP officers and agents enforce all applicable U.S. laws, including against illegal immigration, narcotics smuggling and illegal importation. Therefore, in order for the United States to be successful in securing the nation’s border, there is an essential need for border security. This has not been an easy challenge but it is something that has to be done otherwise imagine how great a disaster our nation would be. For over 86 years, the United States' approach to securing its border with Mexico has seen many changes and improvements, all of which have contributed positively to the prevention of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and potential terrorism.
One of the major issues surrounding border security is illegal immigration, “For the past two decades the United States, a country with a strong tradition of limited government, has been pursuing a widely popular initiative that requires one of the most ambitious expansions of government power in modern history: securing the nation’s borders against illegal immigration” (Alden, 2012). Many people are trying to enter the United States without the proper documentation and everyday they risk their lives and others just to make it across these borders. To avoid this law enforcement and other border security has threatened these illegal immigrants with detainment and arrest and different forms of punishment. In the efforts to deter the problem, it has been far beyond feasible because they still manage to get across and it does not change their intentions of migrating, illegally at that. The reason for so many unauthorized immigrants entering the U.S. is because majority are people seeking better jobs, financial opportunities, better living conditions for families, however, you have a great percentage that cross for illegal dealings such as drugs, smuggling, etcetera.
The U.S. government has upgraded the requirements to obtain a visa to and from the U.S. This change has been implemented to decrease potential threats to the border. The new visa system requires that all new applicants go through an interview and an extensive background check if deciding to travel, study, visit relative or conduct business in the U.S. Applicants must have secure documentation such as a passport or something of equivalency whether they are a citizen or noncitizen all are required to have such information. Another change over the years that has helped border security is the fingerprinting to identify criminals, terrorists or any others that could potentially cause a threat to the United States. (Alden, 2012).
According to Alden, the change in security came gradually in the 1980s with the increase in illegal immigration from Mexico, and then more rapidly in the early 1990s following a...

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