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The nation has become dependent on technology, furthermore, cyberspace. It’s encompassed in everything we deliver in our daily lives, our phones, internet, communication, purchases, entertainment, flying airplane, launching missiles, operating nuclear plants, and implicitly, our protection. The more ever-growing technology empower Americans, the more they become prey to cyber threats. The United States Executive Office of the President stated, “The President identified cybersecurity as one of the top priorities of his administration in doing so, directed a 60-day review to assess polices.” (United States Executive Office of the President, 2009, p.2). Furthermore, critical infrastructure, our network, and internet alike are identified as national assets upon which the administration will orchestrate integrated cybersecurity policies without infringing upon and protecting privacy. While protecting our infrastructure, personal privacy, and civil liberties, we have to keep in mind the private sector owns and operates the majority of our critical and digital infrastructure.
People want the freedom and empowerment to use technology, while being protected against malicious actions. Protection starts with awareness and education, the government needs to begin empirical goals around previous campaign successes. President Obama noted, “The government is bringing about unprecedented transparency and liability for Americans to take part in their democracy.” (Obama, 2009).
Administration Key Cybersecurity Policy Principals
Unequivocally speaking, the threat of a cyber-attack has become one of the most critical domestic and national security challenges we face as a nation today. Infrastructures supporting government operations are a national asset and our defense, military, and private infrastructure is under constant attack. In recent years, investments on security for digital infrastructure have fallen short; the administration recognizes the need to take remedial steps. President Obama stated during the East Room announcement, “Responsibility falls upon no single agency or does authority to match the scope or scale of this challenge. When it comes to Cybersecurity, agencies have overlapping missions, and don’t communicate affectively, with each other or the private sector.” (Obama, 2009).
As a result of past inefficiencies, the administration, more specifically, President Obama, ordered the National Security Council along with the Homeland Security to conduct a thorough review on how the government protects and defends its critical infrastructure and recommend the best course of action for properly securing and maintaining integrity. (Obama, 2009). The council will integrate cybersecurity policies for the government in a cohesive structure. During President Obama’s East Room announcement it was noted, “Working closely with the Office of Management and Budget to make sure agency budgets show those priorities, assure federal cybersecurity...

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