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Food is anything people eat that provides nourishment. The concept of food is as varied as there societal groupings. The incoming of food is multi-faceted. It is something that should not only alleviate hunger and nourish the body, but it must also satisfy the human senses so that eating is pleasurable. According to McWilliams and Heller (2003),food should not to be thought as just a way of attaining nutrients that are essential to life; if that is the case the vital refinement of the things that influence people to eat will be overlooked. It will be overly simplistic if a meal will be given to a person according to his age and gender to provide the nutrients his body meets, regardless of the pleasure that the food should add in a person’s life. Preferred and all too familiar flavors, texture, and aromas offer instant pleasure and also prompt happy memories people and placesconnected with these facts.
A far back as 1.7 million years ago, early humans were regularly eating animalsand plants and were apparently sharing food with the whole tribe. The discovery of thefire enables man to cook food, making it more digestible, more sanitary and better tasting. Variations in food preparation methods also develop along side. The foodsavailable today are the results of bio-culture evaluation back to early man. (Nem Singh,2005).People eat what they like. They like what they know and what tastes good tothem. The knowledge about foods and meals is established for each person by his culture,his family background, and his breadth of experiences, including his level of education.According to Kittler & Sucher (2008), everyone has particular likes and dislikes pertaining to foods that have evolved over time, and these preference concerns the personal experience of a person, like encouragement to eat, acknowledging familycustoms and rituals, product marketing, and personal attitude. Another factor is thecultural influence. Cultural is widely defined as an accepted values, beliefs, and attitudeof a certain community or group of individuals. There is a guideline that a cultural groupsets regarding what food is acceptable in their society. Social influence is also one of thefactors influencing the behavior of an individual. Included in the social factors involvedin eating habits of an individual are the reference group such as family, friends, neighbor and co-worker (Kotler, 2003). Economic influences are said to be part of the factors thatinfluence the eating habits of people. Under economic influences are the money, values,and consumer skills ( important symbol of food function is cultural identity. One can be easilyclassified in which group he belongs by the foods he eats. Like in Middle East, a person
who eats pork may be a Christian or Orthodox. A family that eats raviolis served withroast turkey may be an Italian-American family while Mexican-American family maydine with tamales and...

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