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Importance Of Education In Kingdom Education: God´S Plans For Educating Future Generations

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In Glen Shultz’s (2003) book Kingdom Education: God’s Plan for Educating Future Generations he addresses the importance of education in coordination with the family and church in developing and training future generations within a biblical worldview. He describes moral decline, increased crime rates, the disintegration of the family and the church’s inability to be the salt of the earth as examples of the increased secularization because of the removal of God and His word from our schools. The author’s answer for these dilemmas is biblical principles that are consistently taught in the home, church and school. Shultz (2003) compared kingdom education to the three legs of a milk stool “on which an individual can safely rest, regardless of the roughness of the ground (Shultz, 2003, p. 12). Kingdom education is defined through the lens of the kingdom of God where God reigns and is active in all areas in and around our lives. The focus of kingdom education is on biblical principles and is the incorporation of these principles into a child’s home, church and schooling. The purpose of kingdom education is twofold, the acceptance of Christ as a personal savior and the development of the mind for God’s use and glory. The three foundations of home, church and school are discussed in regards to the role each has in relation to kingdom education.
Shultz (2003) emphasizes the important role God has assigned to parents in raising their children. The sole responsibility of raising children lies with the parents and cannot be delegated to other individuals outside the family unit. As part of the training process parents are to be the balancing mechanism for promoting inward control of a child. When the child is unable to maintain proper inward control then the parents are to “increase their outward control over the child for a period of time” (Shultz, 2003, p. 73). Parents are to provide their children three basic needs, Christ-like affection, spirit-guided affection and biblically based correction.
The second foundation for providing kingdom education rests with the church. The church’s purpose encompasses three functions, making disciples for Christ, assisting disciples to develop personal relationships with Christ and to teach disciples how to follow God’s commands. As part of this threefold role of the church there is a responsibility for supporting the family unit through education of parents in the biblical principles of raising their children. Additionally, the church is responsible for going out into the world to meet the daily needs of its members by providing a means or resources for parents to educate their children in biblical principles.
Lastly, Shultz (2003) discusses the decline of biblical teaching within state controlled schools and the result this has had on the secularization of society. The role of the school in kingdom education is tightly bound to the home and the church. Support for Christian schools need be addressed by the church...

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