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Importance Of Ethics In Marketing Essay

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Marketing Ethics
Advertising has a great influence on the way people perceive themselves and the world around them, also essential values and ethical behaviors. Ethics and honest principles in advertising should be taught, and understood by its advertisers to affect people by delivering positive messages from their Ads. The ad should prove that this product will benefit them in the highest return. I will show the importance of marketing in four different sections. My first section I will define the importance of ethics and the moral principles that come hand and hand within ethics. By showing that advertising influences people in day to day life by shaping their perception on what they should look like, how certain things should function, and govern their lives. My second section will concentrate on how sex appeal affects people’s lives positively and negatively. Lastly I will focus on how to inspire the ethical corporate behavior that business workers have to improve the work environment within the office.
In business there are moral principles that are crucial to ethical advertising. These principles emphasize honesty and the self-esteem of citizens in the social ethical responsibility. Honesty in advertising is very important; advertisements should stray away from misrepresenting the truth to things that cannot happen or denying information about the product to the consumers. “While the principle of the dignity of the human person criticizes advertisements that violate our right to raise any responsible choices or even make a good use of baser tendencies. Finally, the social responsibility highly criticizes and violates advertisements that encourage wasteful lifestyles which may either damage the environment or create any sort of ecological problems” (Foley 1999, p.221). Codes of ethics should be remembered by workers within each industry to control advertising. Business’ have to regulate the feedback over the ethics of the adverting through various subjects; such as religion, age, and sexual preferences of people. The government however should step in as I mentioned before if companies have failed to advertise. “This can be done by the government focusing their attention to advertisements that are mainly targeting vulnerable groups as children and the elderly. In case of any harm done by such advertisements, corrective notices should be published and injured parties should be compensated by advertisers so as to overcome such harm” (Foley 1999, p.221 ).
Today one of the most effective advertising sources is television. Television has the most competitive marketing competition than any other advertising ads. One of the reasons television is so successful is due to sex appeal. Companies have seen through stats that the most simple way to attract consumers to their product is to use sex appeal. Not only is it used for the simple fact of attraction, but they use it to point out messages, so this way customers will have the chance to pick one...

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