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Importance Of Friendship Essay

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Normally when thinking of asking a homeless person how they became that way, the most common way of thinking is that they went bankrupt or made poor decisions in life. However, many of them will say that they became that way because of broken relationships with people. America is seeming to ignore the importance of friendship in life. Friendship is much more significant for better health and stronger social connections.
Good friends will help you through life; if none seem to do that, they probably aren’t the best friends to help. However, it does not mean that they are not good people, they just might not be the best sort of friends. Many people have had best friends in their life. ...view middle of the document...

Friends should not be taken for granted; it is not the amount of friends that matters, it is how you spend time with them. Different ways to create friendships are talking with neighbors or people in public areas, volunteering for a job that suits self-interest, or simply showing up a public social gatherings.
Now for the topic of: bronies. No, don’t leave yet. There’s still ideas and statements to be heard. The My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM) fandom, otherwise known as ‘bronies’ to some, is one of the largest fandoms in the world. There’s many fundraises that bronies create to help people that need the help. Bronies are not just the male and/or adult fans of the show; they can be the female fans as well. The show [MLP:FiM] brought many people together throughout the world. However, bronies have their problem’s too, and the fandom is not just a big happy family. Sure, they can be, but everyone gets into arguments. That is why I have opinions from bronies on the topic of this essay: friendship. Friendship, to bronies, or anyone else, requires trust, and should definitely not be taken for granted. “Friendship is having a person you can trust for the rest of your life and they’re always by your side.” Says Rainbow Tune, from the MLP:FiM roleplaying site, PonySquare. “I personally think friendship is a privilege. It is given to special people to show your sign of trust and willingness for them.” Icotyne says, also from PonySquare. Many bronies are motivated to go to school or work to go see their friends. Friends are supposed to be special people that are cared about. When there are friends that care, there should not be much that keeps them away from you, or vice...

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