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Importance Of Friendship In Life Essay

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In the best –selling novel the Maze Runner, James Dashner has developed many meaningful and complex themes. From all these various themes, I believe the main motive and message of the story is how friendship can help us pass the hurdles and obstacles in life and help us achieve success. The novel, the Maze Runner displays tremendous amounts of friendship and strong bonds between characters in the society. The novel written by James Dashner demonstrates the importance of friendship in life. In the Maze Runner strong bonds and exceptional friendship were created in many events, but the relation between Chuck and Thomas, the bond between Teresa and Thomas and the relations amongst all the Gladers working together showed a really deep meaning of companionship. These relationships are what allowed them to collectively pass the hard obstacles in their way and obtain their ambition.

Chuck and Thomas had a really strong connection with each other throughout the entire story. From the first day that Thomas entered the Glade, he created a strong bond and friendship with Chuck, which carried out throughout the entire story. Thomas was able to make many friends throughout the story, but his true and real friend was Chuck. Chuck helped Thomas through all the pressures and hard times he had to face while living in the Glade. Many Gladers suspected Thomas as a person who was a traitor and someone damaging for the society, but Chuck always supported and believed in him. Although Chuck was annoying at times, Thomas always protected him and treated him as his own younger brother. Chuck believed in Thomas's ability to lead them to safety, and saw Thomas as his closest friend. Thomas promises and ensures Chuck that he will make sure to help him reach his family so he can be home and sleep in his room like all the regular kids in the world. Towards the end of the story, when Thomas was about to be killed by a knife being thrown at him, his true friend Chuck dives in the way and sacrifices his life for Thomas. Chuck shows his loyalty and love towards his friend. Chucks friendship is what allowed Thomas to overcome all the obstacles he had to face as a Glader. The bond between Thomas and Chuck and the promise became an inspiration for Thomas to find the way out of the Maze. The promise and the friendship were the cornerstone for Thomas’s success and the improvement of the Glades.
Another important relationship in the Maze Runner is the connection between Thomas and Teresa. The coming of Teresa was very unusual and apprehensive for the community of the Glade. Teresa and Thomas both came in the same month, and after their arrival many unusual and strange things started happening. Most of the Gladers felt hatred towards them because they thought they were going to destroy their community because they were the people who were the initial creators of the terrifying world they were trapped inside. Teresa and Thomas have the ability to talk telepathically with each other....

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