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Importance Of Gm Ms In Malaysia Essay

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Many of Malaysia citizens still do not familiar with LMO. According to a survey review by Carpenter (2010), it showed that the third world country such as India produced 150% yield improvement of Bt cotton from 2005 to 2006 and 2007 to 2008 which benefits the farmers. This result shows a positive impact in economic performance, by means improving yield would increases the economic gain and solve financial problems for poor country by reducing handling and labor works, and equipment cost. In US, the plantation of GM glyposate-tolerance soybean is advantageous over conventional soybean crop in term of shorter time and lower cost needed (Carpenter, 2010). This phenomena was offset as genetic ...view middle of the document...

In contrast, we should encourage more researches on genetic engineering in order to solve the problems created. Besides that, LMOs help to generate economic growth, overcome food shortage, increase nutritional value and produce edible vaccine. Therefore, they should have deserved to be proved worth. At the same time, we cannot deny the fact that LMOs bring harmful effects to us. As far as we understand the safety of genetically engineered food, it is not easy to detect the immediate effect of dangerous poisons and sometime it may mutate or transform to undesired situation.
LMOs do bring a serious health issue, but the serious problem is that increasing population in the world will definitely result in shortage of food supply. This problem will cause starvation, malnutrition and death. There is where LMOs play their roles as alternative food sources, to cope with global food crisis. Although some European countries banned the GM food, because of religion, health issue and other factors, but they do use the conventional method of selecting the best traits in crops. This is more or less the same as the genetic engineering method.
Our group believes that biotechnologists are doing their best with...

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