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In the business world today, businesses have one need that cannot be overlooked that is their workforce. The business environment is decidedly competitive as much as it is quickly changing. This paper will look at the human resource management and illustrated the importance it has to every company and every manager. This paper will also look at a company named, Cross Country Group and explain how human resource management is operating to meet their company's goals.The human resource management and their functions are becoming progressively more significant in whether a business succeeds or fails. Businesses once depended on their organization's ability to manage their natural assets, like clients, products, and reputation. In today's world of business the organization must manage their human resources to become successful. Human resource management has been available since the early 1900. Their first function was to be the buffer or in between person between the labor unions and the companies. Human resource management concentrates on obtaining, sustaining, and make the most of a valuable work force. This type of management consist of many activities, like enrollment, pre-viewing of the potential workers, studying needs of the training department, forecasting the businesses work force needs, developing a system for compensations, and comprehending the laws that could effect the results of these actions (Noe-Hollenbeck, Gerhert, Wright. 2003).The human resource management purposes have advance considerably since the early 1900s. Increasing labor unions and the human relations has also increased the need for experienced human resource mangers. If an organization is to be successful and to achieve their goals; they must prepare their human resource team so that they will have the correct amount of workers with the suitable experience and training to meet the requirements of the organization. Human resource management that is successful compels their business to recognize adjustment or changes in the workforce market and any employ legislation. They also have the responsibility to keep the workers motivated and to keep an eye on their performance and to assist them constantly to develop them through possibly supplementary training (Noe-Hollenbeck, Gerhert, Wright. 2003).The company called, Cross Country Group is a multi-million dollar business. It provides roadside assistance and consumer affairs to major automobile manufacturer, insurances and any other business that request its services. Some of their clients include: General Motors, Chrysler, Kia, Hyundai, Farmers Insurance, USAA insurance, and Pep Boys. The Company is family owned. The founder hired a ceo or president to run the company, from the top trickles down the power. They have 4 sites they operate out of. They are located in Tucson, Arizona, Boston, Mass., Sebring, Florida, and 1 Canadian location. Each site has a director that...

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