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Importance Of Interpersonal Communication Sills In Healthcare Professions

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Importance of Interpersonal Communication sills in Healthcare Professions
Interpersonal communication is a fundamental element to any healthcare interaction. First, second and third person communication skills are primary aspects of an interaction, encompassing both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. It will be argued that rapport building and questioning are vital interpersonal skills in a healthcare context and possessing the ability to ensue a positive relationship between a healthcare professional and their client. Rapport building is an essential second person skill that encourages communication and develops a trusting relationship with the client (Ross, 2013). Questioning is another second person skill that allows for clarification of understanding which alleviates confusion. These skills are demonstrated in the attached video as well as many other core and advanced communication skills. The video will be critically analysed, highlighting the effective communication practices and elements that require improvement. The context of the video is a first time interaction with a client who is presenting an issue that they require psychological help for, namely, binge eating.
Importance of Rapport Building in Interpersonal Communication in a Healthcare Context
A primary second person skill involved in interpersonal communication is rapport building, as it creates a trusting relationship with the client thus allowing the healthcare professional to understand the clients concerns and address these accordingly (Ross, 2013). Rapport building in interviewing encompasses many aspects of communication, verbal and nonverbal, as well as behaviours including immediacy behaviour, active listening, mimicry, contrast, self-disclosure, common ground, and contact and persistence (Abbe & Brandon, 2013). Firstly, immediacy behaviour indicates attention, demonstrated by nonverbal aspects such as proximity of the client, posture and appropriate eye contact, whilst considering the application of these skills in regard to the cultural norms of the client (Abbe & Brandon, 2013). Throughout the video these rapport building techniques were practised aiming to engage the client and make them feel comfortable disclosing personal information by establishing trust. Active listening involves verbal rapport building skills that exert attention on the client such as using short phrases and paraphrasing back to the client to indicate understanding and using the clients name (Abbe & Brandon, 2013). Using short phrases to indicate understanding can be seen in the video at 1:05, prior to this point the client was answering a question, then the professional simply nods and utters okay, to indicate to the client that their message was understood; therefore allowing the conversation to continue. Mimicry and contrast are skills whereby the professional will mimic the behaviour the client is exhibiting or compliment the behaviour to generate a specific response (Abbe &...

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