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What have you learnt about the importance of journey from your study of physical Journey? Refer to 2 poems, 1 supplementary and 1 stimulus material.A physical journey may be a walk in the park or a travel to a wilderness place where clueless is a common word. The importance of physical journeys is the hardship and memories it carries within the traveller. The importance of physical journeys are going to discussed through the poems Crossing the red sea and Immigrants at Central Station by Peter Shzrynecki, Immigrant photograph by David Moore and a stimulus material called "The Town Where Time Stands Still" by Shirley Geok-lin Lim.The poem "Crossing the Red Sea" by Peter Schrzynecki, is a reflection on the pain and suffering experienced, and looking to the future with hope and freedom. The title "Crossing the Red Sea" expresses biblical images of salvation from pain and suffering, as the journey was for the liberation from slavery. As they journey over the sea, they reflect on past time memories which linger in their minds. "A field of red poppies" is juxtaposed with "Blood, leaves similar dark stains", as their emotions and feelings swing from side to side. Red is symbolized for communism, "red banners" and "Mock Salute". The use of biblical allusions "Touched the eyes/ Of another Lazarus", as this shows that the migrants were having feelings of death and born again in a new place starting a new life, as they were trying to leave behind the past. The feelings of apprehension and uncertainty was brought forward, "The Equator/was still to be crossed". As the migrants travel, further and further away from their home, they grow out of the enclosed self emotions and allowing themselves to communicate with others to pass time, "breaking into/...../ would never be disclosed".The next poem "Immigrants at Central Station" represents migrants that are free but confused. They are unable to express their apprehension and anxiety and therefore appear somewhat indifferent. They have left behind their lives and are on a course of an unknown future - their identity has been left behind, their world has been left behind and they are anonymous "watching pigeons that watched them."The starting tone of this poem is sad, this a represented through the word "rain", which is symbolic of sadness, tears and physical hardship. The "trains whistle" is a reminder of other train whistle of other lands/departures and farewells. The leaving train is a symbolism of a link to their past and it's leaving without them which cause them to look to the future. The tone of emptiness, dampness and apprehension has been established be Schrzynecki be the use of metaphors, personification and alliteration "With a dampness that slowly/Sank into our thoughts - /But we ate it all," phrases like these support the dreariness of the atmosphere. This poem, following on the rest of Shrzynecki's poems,...

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1583 words - 7 pages reflective poems, 'This Lime Tree Bower My Prison', and 'Frost At Midnight'. These notions about journeys are also evident in Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken', Ted Hughes' 'The Jaguar', and lastly John Lennon's 'Imagine'.Inviting the responder, and demonstrating his own Romantic ideals about nature and the importance of freedom of the imagination, Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem 'This Lime Tree Bower My Prison' presents an introspective journey

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1065 words - 4 pages physical, the metaphysical, the delusional and back", the connotation behind these lines hammered into the responder by the contrast of total silence by the audience members. He realises that his journey has brought him the "the most important discovery of my life," this line emphasising the importance of his imaginative journey, and the reward it brought him.In conclusion, imaginative journeys alter the mind frames of those who undertake it. Through speculation, the person travels, discovering previously unknown facets about the world around them and changing their outlook on life.Bibliography:WikipediaTeacher's notesLing Zhu's notesRichard Song's notes

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