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Importance Of Leading With Vision And Goals

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The leader of an organization plays a vital role in the success of the individuals, and of the organization. Reaching the organizations goals cannot be accomplished by leadership alone. Leadership by definition is "a person who guides or directs a group" (CITE). In this paper I will argue that in order for leadership to guide/direct their team to achieve their goals and fulfilling their mission; a leader must have a clear vision and have an appropriate set of goals.
The vision of an organization is the idea of what the organization will look like in the future (Clark, 2014). Without thinking ahead regarding where the organization ultimately wants to end up, there will be no clear direction. ...view middle of the document...

The presence of goals within an organization allows leaders to be able to measure their progress. According to Colorado State University-Global Campus (2010) the concept of SMART (specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, timely) goals is frequently used to help measure an organizations success in reaching their goals. Having goals that meet the SMART criteria enable the organization to be able to more efficiently track, measure and ultimately reach their goals. Goals that are missing any of the five facets of the SMART concept will be a liability to the success of the organization.
The goals that are set by leadership can be seen as the skeleton of the organizations vision, thus holding everything together. Continuing with the analogy of a skeleton, each goal plays a significant part of the whole body, or vision. As goals are fulfilled the leader needs to start developing plans, for new sets of goals (Koury, 2010). It is important to constantly be thinking about the future and making adjustments to the goals in order to stay within the organizations vision. Leaderships vision is planned out through their strategy, which includes the goals of the organization.
I currently work for an organization that has a strong vision, with clear goals. Leadership regularly communicates our vision and provides results pertaining to the progress we have made as an organization in achieving our goals. I have never heard my leadership directly reference the SMART concept, however the goals they have set do meet the concepts criteria. Because I understand the vision for the organization and understand my role in the success of our goals I feel more involved in the organization. I frequently tell people how much I love working for this company. Koury (2010) states that when employees tell others about how great it is to work for their company, leadership can know that they have created an environment that will help them reach their goals. In the last two years I have seen the company I work for meet and exceed their goals. Such as sales...

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