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Importance Of Moral Character In Sports

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Ones moral character can be determined by virtue ethics. The virtue ethics of someone’s character can as well be based on how they behave under certain circumstances. In sport, moral character is related to many aspects including cheating. Laws and rules are also based on this theory. Everyone needs to obey the same set of rules to have a good moral character. So does breaking these rules make a person immoral? Virtue ethics essentially focuses on creating a morally good character. Also, these moral decisions are said to make you a happier, well-lived, person. Without virtue ethics, ones ethical behavior would be difficult to determine.

We can determine the moral character of an individual based on their virtue ethics. “Which action should I choose?” is often a question we subconsciously ask ourselves. But does this mean we will make the right choice? Do I always make the right choice? Does that make me have a bad moral character? Virtues in relation to moral character however can differ by the situation. For example, in sport there are numerous situations where morals come into play. But the decisions in which they make decide where they are morally characterized. Can a good moral character be obtained without good virtues?

The notion of moral character in relation to cheating in a sport can be determined by the circumstance. When the word “cheat” appears, we automatically think “bad”. Athletes have strength, size, agility, as well as commitment, selflessness, adaptability and teamwork, but do they have the moral character to stay fair in sport? The idea of athletes intentionally harming opponents against the “do no harm” principle seems to be immoral, but it is understood by people that it is part of the sport, whereas cheating can determine the moral character of an athlete. There is very much controversy in modern sport about refs, doping, etc. Virtue ethics, moral character, and cheating in sport are all closely related. The situation in a sport or in life in general can be determined by ones virtue ethics.

“Without ethics in sport, there can be no fair play; no competitions can be played without a basic respect for the rules and for the other players.” (Aitken180) When discussing the Greek tradition of virtue ethics, what makes one a perfectly moral person? Aristotle argued that the purpose of ethics is to become good. He essentially claims that depending on the situation, appropriate courses of action define ones ethics. Virtue ethics involves ones character and the particular virtues that character embodies in order to determine ethical behavior. “What should I do?” is often a subconscious question people ask themselves. Based on their character, a behavior is exerted. Where cheating is concerned with character and morals, people have 100% conscious thought of the decision they are making. From doping to physically cheating in sport, ones virtue ethics become present based on their moral character. Virtue ethics are directly...

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