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Importance Of New York's Jamaica Bay

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Jamaica Bay of New York City ranges between Brooklyn and Queens, the Bay serves as a multipurpose area to all New Yorkers and residences, the 2014 Kayak Fishing Classic at Jamaica Bay is an up and coming annual event for fishing enthusiast. The bay also serves as an environmental refugee habitat for migratory bird, shell fish, and other wild life

Although New York City has cleaned up the surrounding waters of New York in the past several decades, including the Jamaica Bay, there is still some concerning problems for the bay’s environment. More than four city sewage plants discharge more than 200 million gallons of partial treated sewage water into the bay. Due to the effects of the bacteria and the high amounts of nitrogen in the partial treated sewage water, the bay is exposed to algae blooms—algae blooms turns water murky, and kills algae in the water—thus decreasing the oxygen levels for aquatic life.

In addition to the partial sewage discharge, raw sewage also discharges from the city’s outmoded sewage system which creates an over flow of polluted storm water and sewage waste that spills out into to the New York Harbor, and the Jamaica Bay. The CSO’s (Combined Sewage Overflows) create a polluted environment for waterfronts and its beaches, filling the beach water with storm water and sewage which makes the beaches hazardous for recreational activities.

CSO’s in the New York City’s surrounding waters are still a problem for the city’s environment, especially with the correlation stronger storms like “Super Storm Sandy” and hurricanes like Hurricane Irene. The correlation being that hurricanes and strong storms create heavy floods, and all of the flood water from the wastewater treatment plants become filled to capacity with the storm and sewage water. But, while climate change does play a factor with CSO’s the real problem relies with the wastewater treatment plants.

According to, New York City government’s website, along with grease and floating debris, CSO has this effect...

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