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Importance Of Organic Chemistry Essay

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Chemistry is study of matter and change and humans are surrounded by chemistry and its parts. Chemistry has been conventionally broken down into five main parts which are: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Biochemistry. This research paper will predominantly focus on Organic Chemistry and the importance associated with it in some aspects of the modern life of humanity.
By definition, organic chemistry is the study of chemical compounds containing carbon bonded with another substance. In simpler words, organic chemistry is a sub-area of chemistry that considers the study of the molecules of life. The compounds that it focuses on are mainly composed of several atoms which are: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, and a few miscellaneous others. Organic chemistry studies the structure, behaviour and properties of the compounds that are built by the abovementioned atoms. In modern life, plants are a great resource as plants produce organic compounds for the benefits of its surroundings. Plants go through a number of processes in order to grow. Many types of synthetic and metabolic activities by plants result into the production of variety of organic compounds. Few types of the compounds such as, carbohydrates and proteins are essential to all kinds of plant and these are elaborated by all species of autotrophic plants. Some other types of organic compounds are many few specific plants but not all types. It is moderately easy to categorize all of the organic compounds produced by plants, into a few, well-defined groups, which will be based on the similarity of the chemical composition and the properties of the compounds. The groups are known, correspondingly, as the carbohydrates and the derivatives of them, the glycosides and tannins, fats and waxes, oils and resins, organic acids and the salts by those, proteins, vegetable bases, alkaloids, and the pigments.
Another aspect in modern life, where organic chemistry is very essential, is in medicine. Medicine field in modern life is developing day by day with the beneficial impacts of organic chemistry. Modern prospectuses are being designed which unite organic chemistry with biomedical processes. Chemistry and biology researchers have been working together to design programmes that include organic chemistry courses to match the want of students in medical fields. As organic chemistry is applicable to medicine, researchers working on different task forces are making an effort to develop hands-on, practical and inclusive approaches. All living organisms are composed of abundances of organic substances. Progressions of life have been hypothesized to have been developed from one single organic compound called a ‘nucleotide’. This compound known as nucleotide polymerizes, in other words, it joins together in order to build the building blocks of life which is DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. Organic compounds comprise...

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