Importance Of Prayer In A Muslim's Life

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The praying time cannot be shorter than 3 minutes. The length of time depends on the persons and his state, sometimes one like to pray more. Islam considers many activities in life as worship such as cleaning your house, working. In praying there is a pattern where people kneel and bow couple of times and repeat the words of Quran. Each prayer has a specific number of kneels and bows, so some prayer times is longer than others. The mosque is used differently during “Jumha” Friday prayer; people pray and listen to the “kutbah” speech afterwards. Quran as a sacred object is used in praying when the person stands to read the holy words of Allah.
Each Muslim above the age of puberty is commanded to pray five times a day. Muslims pray five times a day facing the Qibla which means facing Makkah the house of Allah. Before praying Muslims do the Wud’u which is cleaning their hand, face, arm, feet, mouth, nose, ears and beginning of head with water. They watch their hands three times and then their mouth three times. After that they sniff water into their nose three times. Then they wash their face three times and following that washing the arm three times up to the elbows. Then they wash the ears with water once, lastly they wash their feet three times. Muslims should do Wud’u before each prayer or it wouldn’t count. To face God Muslims should cleanse.
During prayer in a mosque all Muslims do all the steps of praying together by following the person who leads the prayer “Imam”. But when Muslims are not praying the mosque they do the same steps for each prayer alone. All Muslims pray the exact way and cleanse the exact way it’s mentioned in Quran. Muslims start the prayer by raising the hand to the ears and saying “Allah-
Akbar”. They place their right hand over their left hand and focus their eyes on the place their standing. They bend their body so that their back and neck are straight. Then they go down and...

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