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Importance Of Quality Employees In Hospitals

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It is important that the workers are skilled at the hospital because they are the one that are providing the services to the patients. The services that they provide include, healthcare, people support for example, if someone is undergoing surgery, an employee will support the family of the patient and ensure that they remain calm. This means that the employees have to be skilled enough to provide these services to the best standard because their aim is to ensure that the patients get the best service in their hour of need. Employees are an important resource for the hospital and they should be treated with respect and given support and training if needed. This is because employees are irreplaceable as they are the ones who are out there attending people and they can do things that machines can’t do. Furthermore, the day to day tasks require people therefore they should be treated with respect because if they are stressed then the stress will be passed to the patient, and this will result in a bad service. The hospital needs both human and machine within the hospital. This is because humans can only do certain tasks and machines can only do other tasks; in other words machines can do things that humans can’t do for example x-rays and humans can do things that machines can’t do, for example talking to a patient. However, machines are efficient, reliable, and accurate and provide a perfect service, since they are programmed to provide the same service, the same way for the rest of its life. The hospital uses both machinery and staff because machines need people for them to work no matter how high tech it is, for example, a robot doing surgery will still need someone to programme it. Furthermore, machines provide more efficiency reliability, accuracy and a perfect service, so the hospital will use them in order to provide the best service possible for their patients. Labour intensive means that the hospital will be more dependent on human beings and capital intensive is when the hospital is more dependent on machines. West middle sex hospital is more labour intensive because they have a greater amount of staff as compared to machines. However machines are used to compliment and make the work of the employees easier and more accurate that humans do.
The employees require different skill sets such as speaking, presentational skill, time management, data analysis, ability to work machinery etc. – this is because the hospital has to deal with a variety of different problems or tasks that will require a different...

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